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Uggggggggggggg! That is why I was dreading this conversation again! OK, don't know what ON type food you have, but none of mine start with grain or yeast, they all start with fish soluables. To save us all time, I looked up dried fish soluables and it is not just excess bone and scales. In fact, it is loaded with some impressive stuff. I'm not heading for the fishroom to get a bowl of this stuff with milk, but my fish are sure healthy and my growth rates beat the averages. The food from Ken's is used to obtain the ingredients that contain the various protein, amino acid and fat coumpounds found primarily in that specific product like earthworms or garlic. A little research tells me that fish pick at everything even in a food plentiful environment. They need roughage to keep the pipes clean. Guess the yeast and grain means I have super clean fish.

Live food? I tightly control my live food with the exception of mosquito larva that I only harvest from my own containers that are subject to all the maintenance that my tanks are. Other than that I raise and feed it. I gut load everything except per-yoked baby brine shrimp. They don't need gut loading as the yoke they carry is the food not the shrimps tiny body. If I want to super charge some herbavors or color things up, I gut load slightly older brine shrimp, microworms or walter worms with pure spurlina and astaxanthin powder-no fillers. They turn the color of the power and the fish love them. Egg layer fry grow like, well get some nd you'll see.

Not to be too argumentative, but keep in mind all most human vitamines do is give us really expensive urine, but we just keep buying them. Smile and lighten up a notch.

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I am kind of sorry I started this thread... I just wanted to know if I was giving my fish the right food in the NLS or if there was a brand that is better.

Now I am utterly confused... not sure if I am to the point of growing my own food yet. Shoot I just started this tank up in July, and I am trying to understand it... So I guess the NLS is a good enough brand for me to start with.

Thanks to everyone that responded... It sounds like I started a sore subject for most of you....

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Best Food to use?

Yeah I don't know why your thread went the way it did. Seemed like a straightforward basic question you were asking, which was answered quickly and then became a mess. I think what happens is people carry stuff over from other threads, so the discussion/debate/argument picks up where it left off on someone else's thread.

For whatever reason, the fact that I only feed NLS became a more important topic of discussion - not that I even mentioned that in this thread.

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Icechamber, the NLS is one of the best foods you can feed your fish. If you want to switch it up with other high quality foods there are a lot available. i have a few different foods that i like to feed my fish just to switch it up every now and then. Sometimes switching up food can be bad as they won't eat it and you wasted money and have to get the excess food out. If you want variety you can grab some other food, However you are feeding your fish great stuff with NLS. Oh and some fish like peas, just take the shells off and defrost, easy snack. henningc told me that, works great.
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Originally Posted by IceChamber View Post

I just wanted to know if I was giving my fish the right food in the NLS or if there was a brand that is better.
You'd be hard pressed to find an individual brand that is better. Some of us are always looking & researching, that is something that would be well beyond the beginner's section of this site.
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