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post #21 of 24 Old 09-27-2010, 05:15 PM
if you gravel vac regularly the water should be ok, gravel vac and ~15-20% water change each week should give you safe and stable water parameters. its like, a bucket and a half a week for a 20gal tank, so not terrible. Goldfish will eventually still need a new home, the sooner the better since it will keep growing.
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i've an opaline gourami for a year. got um' when it was about an inch long, now it's about 4''. healthy fish. temp has always been about 80-85.

60 gallon
1 black ghost knife
4 black skirt tetras
2 zebra danios
1 algae eater
1 golden killifish
1 bamboo shrimp (MIA)
2 albino cory cats
3 tiger barbs

29 gallon (brackish)
1 Balloon and 10ish babies
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Have a heater now and the gourami seems to be much happier (no longer hides in the castle but does a lot of swimming around).

Took out painted Petco gravel and replaced it with larger size "mini boulders".

Took out the fake tree and "planted" some live plants which seem to be nibbled on fairly regularly.

Have been doing ~10% water change on weekly basis.

So far so good. Goldfish is still messy.

Updated and old photo: Pictures by tempuser4 - Photobucket

Thanks for all your suggestions.
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yeah lol gurami hands down. They are labyrinth fish. Hence why the 'tenticles' are actually fins, but they use them to feel around.

Compatible species with them, I've used danio's, mollies, platys in the past. I know there are more but thats what I've used. You can also use other specis of gurami's. However if you do you need 3+ otherwise they can be aggressive.

Designing my 120 setup for my bedroom... send me ideas if you have any. Tank will house Endler's.
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