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there are quiet a few aussies using 4 foot tanks for these fish i dont mind starting from scrach every 2 years after the fish gets to big for my tank if i cant own those fish i would like some type of fish that actually looks like a fish (silver perch) is what looks like a good proportioned fish to me something like that would be ideal over say a cat fish etc.. so the probably with me going tropical is #1 the tank water might get over heated in summer i dont want to be forking out for a chiller #2 electricity running all the extra equipment i also want the fish to grow a good size no point having a big tank with guppies in it :D i donno if u can link me to some nice fish i will sus them out and see if my LFS stocks them thanks for your help :) its appreciated
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Gazza, once again, let me say, PLEASE don't put LARGE fish like that into such a tank. That is cruel and as the fish get larger, (they grow very fast) the work in keeping it stable gets to be impossible... the fish suffer badly from pollution. Unless you have somewhere to send these fish when they reach more than 6 - 8 inches in length, they will surely die.
I have one suggestion, a tropical fish... but NOT AT ALL compatible with the one's you're so set on owning.
I will help you all I can, but will say up front, if you put a barramundi into a tank of that size, I will refuse any further help.
Would you consider something like this INSTEAD?
Let me know, as I can suggest a few other species which will mix with the Australian rainbow quite nicely.

Dawn Moneyhan
Aquatics Specialist/Nutritionist
Juneau, WI
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ok u have convinced me + LFS dont stock the fish i wanted im doing a quick search now heres a few a like

#1 Bolivian Ram
#2 Bala Shark (i seen a few simular to these in the shopso there avaliable)
#3 Blue Ram
#4 Calvus
#5 Cherry Barb
#6 Chilumba Cichlid
#7 Clown Loach
#8 Discus
#9 Peacock Cichlid
#10 Grant's Peacock Cichlid
#11 Mason Peacock Cichlid
i havent done much research on these fish i just went thru the "find a fish" link above all these fish from 1-11 i can see in my aquarium but to single out a few i really like are the following 1,3,6,7,9,11 ive noticed some have the same or multipal names? but those fish above are what i can see my self growing if my LFS stocks them and they are suited to my conditions (hot aussie weather) with no water chiller
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those are all nice fish just check on compatiabilaty. the ram and the discus make a good match (low ph). peacocks togeather. the calvus could go with the peacocks but not recomended. the rest are okay clown loaches like packs. Chilumba Cichlid is malawi probably to aggresive for peacocks but calvus might be okay again most wont recomend mixing lakes. good luck check out for cichlid info.
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As mentioned, these fish would be much better suited for your tank, but you cannot mix them all together. Of those listed as your favorites, also, they can't be mixed all together in 1 tank.
If you're concerned with high temp issues, I will suggest working with the discus & rams. These fish need soft water, (lower pH) and higher temps (84 - 86 degrees fahrenheit). The peacocks like hard water, but not quite so high a temp.... 76-78 degrees.
I will suggest skipping the bala shark, as again you are dealing with a fish that can reach 14 inches... and the cherry barb & clown loaches would need a peaceful tank with the lower temperatures... so not mixable with the others you listed.
Basic breakdown: discus, rams together, ok
peacock cichlids together, ok
calvus, chilumba together, maybe
clown loach, cherry barb together, ok
bala shark, i'd skip this one unless the tank will be replaced with something much larger within the first year.
The best to tolerate the high temps, discus/rams combo
Does this help?

Dawn Moneyhan
Aquatics Specialist/Nutritionist
Juneau, WI
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I wonder if he could do parana in that tank and maybe eels, that would be an aggresive tank.
thats to bad you dont like small fish
because my favorit combo is a school of neon tetras a school of glass cats a school of corry cats and some marble hatchets maybe in that big tank you could do a school af tiger barbs with some live plants and driftwood. oh ya that would be sweet
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Once again we are talking about fish that get very large, very fast, and that tank would only hold them for a short time. Piranah get to be 10 inches in diameter, and will grow really fast, and eels... not compatible with piranah.
Piranah will eat anything else you attempt to keep with them, including plecos.
For eels, that would be a matter of finding the right type of eel, which can be challenging. Many eels will need brackish and saltwater environments. The few fresh water eels easily obtained (in some places) are sand dwelling, and will still get quite large... 8 - 14 inches, depending on species. Eels will eat what they can catch, also. The freshwater species of eel will spend most of their time buried in the sand, usually only their head will be visible, and they are very shy. If you're looking for something to watch, eels would be the last thing I'd suggest.
Once again, the trick here is to get fish that won't get overly large unless you can provide a larger tank for them within the first year or so.
Tiger barbs would be a good idea, especially because you will get a lot of activity, a lot of color, and they are not "small" fish. (3 - 4 inches full grown is average)
One option for a barb that would get along with australlian rainbows is the denisoni barb. These get a bit larger, 5 - 6 inches full grown.
A few of these with a few australian rainbows, lots of plants, that could be a gorgeous tank long term. Just watch how many you put in there... I wouldn't put more than 5 - 6 fish total into a tank of that size.

Dawn Moneyhan
Aquatics Specialist/Nutritionist
Juneau, WI
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alright i filled my tank two days ago left the pumps running since the tank has been filled i took my neice and nephews to buy some gold fish they come home with one each they were very excited about it now they have left and now i need to tell them one of there gold fish died the remaning 3 were very active once put into the tank 20mins later there all sitting on the bottom like there resting? one is laying on its side giving a bit of a flick every now and again (this is the one pretty much dead) could this be i didnt let the water sit for long enough or could it have been stress from the drive home?
i also filled my filters out of the 6 filter trays 2 have activated carbon the other 4 have ceramic noodles i am yet to get a few more things in my LFS there was a huge range of fish but i didnt see many names that stod out
seen a few of the following
ram (one type forgot the name)
shark (pink fins)
calvus (these looked nice) :D
all kinds of cichlids
few types of clown loachs
but the best thing is i found a local breeder very close and cheap enough for my wallet with the following if i can set up my tank and keep gold fish alive i will more than likely buy from this breeder
frontosa (very nice looking fish)
geophagus jurpari
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I doubt the problem with the goldfish is that the water hasn't sat long enough. Let me ask a few questions... and anytime you post with a problem, the more information you give us, the faster we can help.
Did you clean the tank before filling it? What did you use to clean it?
Did you use water conditioner in the water after you filled the tank?
What is the water temp?
What type of acclimation did you do when you brought the fish home?
How many fish total did you put into the tank?
Have you attempted to feed the fish? What kind of food, how much?
Are there any decorations in the tank?
Is there gravel at the bottom? Any type of substrate?
Were the fish you purchased "feeder goldfish"?
Have you purchased test kits for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, pH?
Can you please post the exact test results for those listed above? (most LFS's will test the water for you, but you'll need to ask them to write down the EXACT results and the brand name of the test kits they used, and what kind of test kits they used <strip test, liquid test, dry tab test>)
As for the list of fish you provided in your last post... again, not all of those are compatible. We will do our best to help you sort them out, but it would be helpful if you could select 1 or 2 that you REALLY want.

Dawn Moneyhan
Aquatics Specialist/Nutritionist
Juneau, WI
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#1 yep i clean the tank with plain tap water and a new washing sponge (unused in the packet)
#2 no water conditioner i was told and read on these forums if i let the water sit for a few days the chlorine will evaporate?
#3 im not sure on the water temp will let u know later on tonight
sat the bag in the water for a couple of minutes than let abit of the tank water into the bag than released the fish into the tank
#4 four fish i thought this was enough
#5 i fed the fish a tinny sprinkle of flake gold fish food (fish were already on the bottom before this feed)
#6 no decorations yet i want the fish to get use to the tank as if there still in the plain 4 sided glass tanks in the pet shop
#7 no gravel for same reason above
#8 the fish were just named "commets"
#9 i dont have those meters just yet but will be getting them before tropical fish go into the tank

thanks for the speedy reply :) i dont plan on keeping these fish there only to cycle the tank after this instead of killing them or using them as food i will give them away for another persons tank
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