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Been a while, BUT...

It's been a while since I posted, or even got onto this forum. Anyways, I'm getting ready to move, and I've got a 55 gal aquarium with 8 fish in it at the moment. What's gonna be the best way to move it, and put the least amount of stress on the fish? I plan on keeping the rock in as well as some water, but not sure what other things I should do to prevent killing the fish with new uncycled water...

Any help would be appreciated.
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How far away are you moving?
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It will be a while a month or more. So I have plenty of time. It's not like I'm moving tomorrow or anything.
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i mean the distance
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Oh, within the city limits...
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(This is rather obvious, but just in case:) Don't move the tank with the fish in it. Move them in a separate, lighter container with only water. If you keep your biological filter media immersed in aquarium water during the move it should avoid the "uncycled water" problem. That media (and your gravel, plants, etc.) will harbor the beneficial bacteria. As long as you condition the new water before adding it to the tank, you shouldn't have to re-cycle anything.
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bag the fish. You also risk a broken tank when you move if you keep fish separate, at least ull still have fish if the worse should happen.
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Yes, stating the obvious of not moving the tank with fish in it. That's ok, I'm sure there are some who may have done this in the past. Anywho, seems the move shouldn't be a concern.
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When I moved from Nashville TN to Asheville NC (about 5 hours) I put the fish and the water from the tank in a cooler, and the filter in a tuppaware container with tank water. I only had 10 gallons to move but I only lost one of my fish the others a still doing great and that was about 2 months ago.
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I had good results when i had my tank moved !
1) removed heavy items ( slate, driftwood
2) syphoned tank water into water storage jugs ( used when buying my r/o )
3) LEFT 6" Of water in the tank along wit FISH and PLANTS
4) replaced every thing immediately upon arrival at our new house.

I vacc'd each day for three days before the move so debri would be minimal. I also moved a short distance.Just be careful not to tilt the tank so you dont stir up the sand/ gravel, i have black sand.
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