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Beach sand from Lowe's??

I was looking around but did not find a definitive answer to this question. I am setting up a very low-tech nano experiment, planted but no fauna in the immediate future. I am using MG Organic Potting Soil with the sand cap. I was not able to get the pool filter sand without buying a 50 lb bag from the local pool supply stores. I was at Lowe's earlier and saw a small bag of what they label as beach sand and wondered if I could use that as a cap if I rinse it thoroughly? I have no idea how 'beachy' this beach sand really is. We all know they are likely to label what is most convenient and profitable to them. Any thoughts would be most welcome.

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gunna say no cuz of silicates
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I was afraid you would say that. Looks like I am going to own a 50 lb bag of pool filter media tomorrow.

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I use Quickrete brand Play Sand from Lowes in all of my tanks.

29 Gallon Tank
7 Zebra Danios (1 is actually a red glofish)
7 Serpae Tetras
7 Emerald Green Corydoras

20 Gallon Tank
2 Albino African Clawed Frogs
Anywhere between 0 and 8 feeder guppies

15 Gallon Tank
Lots of Trumpet Snails.
1 Assassin Snail
2 Female Guppies
1 Male Guppies

Pics coming soon in tank profiles.
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Yes, I would suggest the playsand rather than any other. I now have it in two tanks. It is a dark grey so very natural in appearance for forest aquascapes. And it is inert, meaning it does not affect the water chemistry. Takes a lot of rinsing at the start, but... you get what you pay for.

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a lfs near me sells 5lbs bags of sand in different grades made for freshwater. Have you asked around for sand specific for aquariums? It was 5 bucks for 5 lbs which is super expensive compared to 5 bucks for 40lbs at home depot for play sand but its convenient and no worries about storage.
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I am stuck with PetSmart or Petco.. around here the LFS specialize in saltwater unfortunately. The one lfs that does have some freshwater plants and such does have some substrate but it's way across town to the point I am better off ordering online if push comes to shove.

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Freshwater Substrate - Aqua Terra - Natural Tan Sand - 5 lb. | Natural Freshwater Gravel | Gravel & Substrate | Aquarium -

I used to get this stuff, comes in various colors. It isn't true sand, its very course sand/ultra-fine gravel. Each grain is about 1mm wide. It looks great but i had some problems with it during the filling phase since it seems to like to float on bubbles that form on the grains. if you fill slowly, then its ok, just takes a little time.
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Just what I was looking for thanks!!

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There's also a brand called "Reef Sand" thats essentially the same thing.

Check the guide in my signature for some tips on soil..
Also, I've revised my technique.. Use 1/2 inch of soil before capping it, and be sire to add something to stir the substrate.

In addition, moisten the soil first, and let it sit overnight before capping.

Originally Posted by Christople View Post
^^ genius

Soil Substrates Guide:
Part 1
--------- Part 2

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