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Exclamation Bala Sharks - Care

Hi all,
New to this forum but excited.

I have a 40 gallon tank (canadian, not sure if it makes a difference)
and I have 2 bala sharks and many other fish. I notice they dont eat to much. Just the bloodworms and sometimes they will rarely eat the flake food.

Is there any special things i should give them or better foods?
I want to keep them for as long as possible and i always want more in my tank so I want to make sure im able to keep them before adding more.

I love sharks. Any kind of sharks!
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Welcome to the forum!

Well, I hate to say it, but your tank isn't big enough for Balas, a single Bala needs at least 70 gallons as they get longer than 12 inches! Most usually get around 1' 4" or'd like them to have room to move around in the tank, right? lol. Yes it will take them some time to get there but if you want to keep them healthy I suggest you invest in at least a 100 gallon for both of them. That way you can keep both and get a few other fish but not too much.

I know they are omnivores and like plenty of vegetation in their diet in the flakes. What brand of flakes are you feeding? Are the bloodworms live, frozen or freeze-dried?

Is the tank cycled, how long as it been set up?

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that is weird because i've gotten them from 2 different pet stores, both saying my 40gal tank is good enough for the sharks!

It also has a filter, so im not sure if that means its cycled or not.
Its about a few months old. maybe 2-3?

I feed them frozen bloodworms (squares) and i also feed them tropical fish flakes.

I love sharks. Any kind of sharks!
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They really do get to 12 inches or longer, and appreciate being in shoals of 5+, which requires a tank that's at least 6 feet long, preferably larger. They are very active fish that will dart from one end of the tank to the other.

Here is a video of a full grown adult -

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news :/

Many pet shop employees will gladly tell you your tank is the right size and suitable, because it guarantees them a sale and a profit. It's not good business to turn away a potential customer.
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Balas also like groups .. I love mine ( I have 4.. But they are happy with even more ) . They are fast fish , love to swim and grow very large . Mine are now too big for my 75 and waiting for me to clean and set up the 225g for them. They must have the room to zoom around being such a fast fish that tends to bump the glass rather hard when swimming the length of the tank without enough length .

Mine are large 9inch not fully grown fish . They can if small stay in a 40breeder for a few months to get a new tank . Otherwise returning is a better option .

For food blood worms are ok .. NLS pellets are great for their staple diet and they really enjoy veggies. Mine LOVE when I clip a zucchini spear in there for them. Eat it voraciously .

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Cycled means that the tank has established bacteria that will convert the ammonia produced in the form of fish waste, into nitrite, and then into nitrate. Ammonia and nitrite are very toxic to fish, but nitrate is harmless if kept under 20ppm or so through regular water changes.
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For now, they will be 'okay' in the 40 if they are still babies but I'm sure they'll grow pretty fast so maybe start saving up for a larger tank if you'd like to keep them? Just an idea.

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