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Or you could just mix it all together, sand, river rocks, pea gravel, substrate is substrate. Tho i would wash the riverrocks like no other cuz they are very muddy.
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I have to disagree, some substrates are good for plants and other simply aren't.

38 gallon :
Pelvicachromis Taeniatus Nigerian Red not yet breeding pair
4 Pangio Kuhli
12 Hemmigrammus Bleheri
2 Botia Lohachata
1 Botia Straita
1 Ancistrus Sp.
6 Poecilia Reticulata

The Wet Spot Portland Oregon!!!!!!

ADA: Do!aqua Iwagumi 10 gallon size!
7 Clown Killies
7 Ghost shrimp
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I hope you get this sorted out.

It may be nothing, but I'd be cautious about adding any plant from my house that wasn't sold as an aquatic into an aquarium. Fish are sensitive... I'd worry. But I'm a worrier. ;)
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is this your only tank? alot of planting tanks the cheap way is honestly trial and error since ever bag of fert you get is different same goes for play sand. i would keep track of the exact amounts you put in the tank dirt the tank plant the plants, cycle this tank for about two weeks and test the water with a kit that tests ph ammonia and all the other little things fish need just right to live.

another thing i dont know if i mentioned or not before, pleco's are amazing fish but are a horrible idea for a planted tank, they will eat you plants, uproot them, and string poop all through them so in the end all that work of tankscaping for nothing, personal experience.
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i have a pleco in my 110 gallon now i name thomas. he was in my 55 gallon when he wasnt 20 lbs and 14 inches. at 7 inchs he would drag a pieces of drift wood around the tank just wrecking all the decorations and plants i had in it up. so now he is in a huge tank with barely any decorations and loves it.

lesson i learned planted tank + large omnivore pleco's= not planted tank with a grumpy large pleco
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I have a 55 and a 15, the 15 was supposed tonne temp until I got the 55 going. I went and got all the stone today, I came ou wih 80lbs of white river pebble for 6 bucks. It's all in and everything ill post pix tomorrow. I put some java fern in it and a few other thigs. Used some quick start bacteria bs jus I make sure my cycle starts going before I get fish into it. I plan to do that towards the end of this week. I did a 50% water change when I put the stones in so I'm hoping most of the bacteria that started growing over the past week is still in. Of kit ingot that bacteria in a can bs. As far as plecos, I just have one clown pleco, I got told they only get to 5 or 6 inches. So I'm trusting that. My guppys had lil fry today too :D I threw them IMO the 55 so that they might survive. If not not too worried. I also found a little snail in my 15 gallon tank today... Was utterly surprised at that since none of the plants I got were out of a tank that had fish or anything at all in them haha
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