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bad idea?!?

I was at the LFS today and was curiouss as to the female betta fish, Ive read aboutt them befor and all the info about certaiin fish it should n shouldnt be with is minimal..

.. I purchased 1 female.. lol, i have a back up tank just incase..

I introduced her to my 26 g community tank, Its well planted with lots of drift wood. The inhabitants i have in this tank are 5 Gold barbs 5, Cherry Barbs, 2 Ghost Shrimp, 3 Swordtails (1male)

Has anyone tryed bettas in there community tank? Did i make a bad decsion ?

She seemed happy and had her own space in the plants, No signs of nipping or fighting...yet?
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I have never kept a female betta but myself, my brother, and my grandmother have all kept male bettas in communities without any aggression problems. I've even had them with guppies and gourami and they never paid them any mind. The only issue I encountered with them in communities is that they tend to glut themselves at feeding time, which can make them obese. I sometimes had to play "keep away" with the food to make sure they didn't get too much.

I know female bettas are different behaviorally, but if she didn't seem interested in going after the others right away I would think that she'll be fine.
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the females seem to be much more docile than the males and you can keep several without fighting amounst them where as the males must be housed seperatly or in large aquariums...i like to add a betta for the color to the comunity tanks as long as none of the fish are small enough to eat and none of them have to long of fins for the betta to nip...

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cool thanks for the replys :D

i agree badxgillen, all my fish are gold red and white coloured lol so adding a black n blue female betta looks really good. Hard to find when shes in the drift wood
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The betta won't be a threat, but it's pretty likely the barbs will suddenly decide one day to tear her fins off.

Watch her carefully.

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^^ genius

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Hmm very true, The cherry barbs are aggressive.. i have 2 males and they go after the female swordtails sometimes.. the 3 females dont bother other fish
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ive had some bettas in my community tanks and havent had any problems with them fighting or nipping... however they will attack guppies due to their long finnage. I have also seen that occasionly if they are totally bored then occasionaly they will chase other fish around the tank but wont really do much physically harm to the fish. especially if there are many plants inthe tnak then there isnt much of a problem at all

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