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Bad to have two tanks with one sump?

Hey everyone, I just got another tank, and although it won't be set up for at least a month or so, i was wondering if it would be okay for it to be set up on the same sump as my 55 gallon tank.

The tank in question is a 15 gallon tank, and it's actually for the stand my sump is underneath.

My plan was to have the 55 gallon tank drain into the 15 gallon, and then have the 15 gallon drain into the sump tank, and then have the sump return to the 55 how it does now.

I would be using the same size pvc tubing for the overflow from the 15 to the sump, and from the 55 to the 15, so i would imagine the water levels would be okay without having to worry about a high pressure drain or whatnot anywhere, and the 55 gallon tank currenty has 4 goldfish, and will have 6 in total before the 15 is set up, and it drains into a 10 gallon sump tank I set up, that will possibly be upgraded in the future, but as things are now, it has kept my ammonia and nitrites to nil with one goldfish almost 7 inches, and three others under 4 inches for several weeks now.

When the 15 gallon is set up, it would be a cherry shrimp farm, and my original plan was to breed shrimp in the tank, and add them to my goldfish tank from time to time, as a snack, and in naive hopes that some would be able to survive and cohabitiate with the goldfish.

I would imagine the shrimp wouldn't be too huge on the bioload considering the sump would already be taking care of 6 goldfish, and I would like to ensure the tank is well established, and as far as I could see, having a tank in between an established tank and it's sump, would pretty much make that an established tank.

I would love any thoughts on this, I don't see a problem, but I'm still new with all of this, so I'd love to hear from people who have been doing this alot longer than me!

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Im pretty sure that gold fish are colder water fish and cherry shrimp need a tropical temp unless you have your goldies in tropical temp water. Other than that it seems good to me.
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Originally Posted by outpost View Post
Im pretty sure that gold fish are colder water fish and cherry shrimp need a tropical temp unless you have your goldies in tropical temp water. Other than that it seems good to me.
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Their tank is in the low to mid 70's since I can't really do much of a cooling system for 55+ gallons of water with no money for my goldies, but they seem to be doing well in the temperatures, and I think it would be good enough for the cherry shrimp, my amano shrimp have been doing great in the same temps different tank(all the tanks are just room temperature controlled)

The average temp is probably 75 or just under, seem a little too cold for the shrimps health?

I know I could heat and filter the 15 gallon without spending too much, I just figure my best bet for water quality would be to hook it right into the established tank, but obviously if it's too cold for them it won't do much good.
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