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Australian/New Guinea Tank Suggestions?

OK, so I have currently have four forktail rainbows in a small tank. It's a kit tank the wife and I got from Petco a few years back. Unfortunately, the light in the hood is starting to malfunction and the tank is no longer made, so replacement parts are a pain to get. I am able to get them right now, but my concern is getting them in the future. So, when we move into a new house in this area in a couple of months, I plan to get a 29g.

However, four forktails in a 29 gallon tank will make it look rather empty. I will most certainly add about four more of the forktails, as eight would work nicely. However, I'm trying to decide where to go from there. I do know I want to create a New Guinea/Australian themed tank. While looking, I did come across some gudgeons that really caught my eye. They are the empire gudgeon, peacock gudgeon, and goo-obo gudgeon. The empires tend to be rather expensive, but I found a local guy willing to sell me his on the cheap, so that problem is solved. The peacocks are just as beautiful in my opinion, and relatively easy to get. The goo-obos are rather rare, but don't seem terribly expensive. I think they are even better looking than the peacocks, but have similar care and water requirements.

Anyway, what other suggestions for an Australian/New Guinea tank would you have? My water tends to be neutral to slightly acidic (more acidic with plants and driftwood) with a PH ranging from 6.7-7, and hardness sticks around 7 dGH.
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Have you ever seen pacific blue eyes? The males look really nice, especially when they're breeding and full of colour

You should check out my Pics and Albums!

Please leave a comment on them too

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Kane, thanks for the reply and I agree, the Pacific blue eyes are beautiful. However, I already have some blue-eyes, the fork tails. They are both of the pseudomugil genus and I think they are so closely related they would cross breed, which I don't want to happen. Thread fins might be another possibility, though. But, right now I'm focusing on gobies/gudgeons to fill in the bottom of the tank.
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Yeah I see. Well there are definitely some beautiful Gudgeons out there (empire gudgeon, purple spotted gudgeon, firetail gudgeon etc) so there's some good choice. Good luck
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