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This is a discussion on Asking for a friend within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> Originally Posted by CaliforniaFishkeeper Yeah, they're microscopic, lol. Couldn't even see them properly in the 10g until they hit a bit bigger than a ...

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Bleeding Heart Tetra
Bleeding Heart Tetra
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Honey Gourami
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Originally Posted by CaliforniaFishkeeper View Post
Yeah, they're microscopic, lol. Couldn't even see them properly in the 10g until they hit a bit bigger than a 1/2 inch.

Yeah. I thought you were talking to me about Neons.

ouch that small they could have been sucked into the pump easily and just disappear like magic and no one would know where they went nope guess you saw the wrong post
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Well my buddy bought 4 Angels.. he said he came home from work today.. and one was just gone... 0.o... Not in the filter, not in the floor within 5ft of the tank anywhere. So I'm wondering what happened honestly. He went ahead with 2 Blue Grouamis.. and 4 Angels, 5 Tiger barbs. I'm offering to take the tiger barbs off his hands and put in my 29G .. but why only 1 Blue grouami? I might offer to take one of those off his hands too :P lol!
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Chances are one of the Gourami will try to kill the other. Maybe he will get lucky. Maybe he just happened to buy the two fish that will be a mated pair or the two that will be submissive and well behaved together. Maybe... Good luck to him, and his fish. I hope he has a heavily planted tank with a lot of hiding spots for his fish, that will help. The Tiger barbs need the swimming room so a 55 is a nice size for them. I would add a few more of them though, the larger the group, the less chance of them being trouble to the other fish.
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Possible trouble with those fish in the future.
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Originally Posted by Brandmaner View Post
Hello again. My friend doesn't have interent so I am posting this on his behalf. He just bought a 55G tank and want to keep this stock... is it possible.

4 Angel Fish
3 Neon Tetras
5 Seprae Tetras
5 Tiger Barbs
2 Blue Groumais (Sorry if I misspelled that.)

I belive that is all for fish wise, I think he said he wanted a few snails and shrimp also though. Get back to me soon so I can let him know if it's a good or bad idea. Thanks!
There are some real problems with this stocking plan.

Tiger Barb and Serpae Tetra are not good community fish. Check out the profiles (click on the shaded fish name), it explains why and what is necessary to keep these two species if he really wants either. But not with angels.

Angels are shoaling fish that should be in groups, and 4-5 in a 55g would be fine. Again, check out the profile on Pterophyllum scalare (this is the "common" angelfish species), it explains the needs for keeping these fish healthy.

Neons need to be in a larger group, minimum six but more when space permits. But not advised with angels as others have also noted. The profile on angels mentions suitable companion fish.

Gourami and angels are not good together; they are too alike temperamentally. Yes, some may say they have them with no problems, fine; but that is today. Things can change when the respective fish's natural instincts take over.

The shrimp will be food for most of these fish.
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faint's i though he read this first before buying =S
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