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Aquarium water flow simulations

I came across an interesting site, unfortunately it's all in German. A page details how he works as an engineer dealing with heat-transfer issues in electronic devices, and how he adapted computer simulation models to calculate water flow in aquariums based on how filter intake/outlets are laid out.

Google translation does an OK job:
Google Translate

Original article if you can read German:
Aquarium - Strömungsverteilung

Sadly he only tests out two filter intake/outlet setups, one where the inlet and outlet are on opposite sides of the tank (i.e. left back corner inlet, right back outlet) and one where both inlet/outlet are in the same corner. Oh, and where Google Translate spits out "pelvic region", the original text actually means to say "tank region"! Quite a funny translation.

His conclusion was simply that no matter which model he took, he ended up with dead spots, and he actually designed his aquascapes around the simulated models, like by placing bogwood where dead spots are likely to form, etc.
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That is a really awesome article! I just wish the translation was better. With something that technical, I think an author translation would be much better. But it is still helpful. I'll certainly try to remember it when I'm making my aquascapes.


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Too bad he didn't do a HOB...

I wonder what it would look like with a 2 canister setup. I suppose I could use the mirror of the one and super impose it on the original, though I think my setup is more complete. One pusher the water straight across the front, and the other along the back, making a circular flow.
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