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Great!! I checked the "floaties" this evening and there are less of them, the water at the surface is looking clearer.

I tested the water and the levels are:
pH: 7.6
Ammonia: 0.25
Nitrite: 0
nitrate: 0

The back of lid has cutouts for the filter and heater. I'm concerned about the guppies jumping out...what's type of material do you suggest that I use to cover the cutouts?

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Sounds like your tank has a good start. As for the lid..I haven't had a guppy jump yet. You aren't still getting them tomorrow, are you?

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I guess for my peace of mind I would like to cover the openings(just in case).

Yes, we plan on receiving them later tonight.
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Good luck with the new fish. Remember not to add to many at a time, and you'll need to test your water parameters at least once daily after adding the fish if your tank isn't already cycled. Once your ammonia starts to climb it'll be time for a water change.

Remember to add dechlorinated water at roughly the same temperature as the water in your tank to prevent shocking the fish. :)

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Your guppies are gonna have it rough with the ammonia already present.

This is the song that never ends...
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You might want to read this It will explain what people are talking about regarding a cycle. You are at the first day of a fishy cycle if you stock the tank today. If you keep a close eye on the tank chemistry and change lots of water quite often, the fish will do fine. When I started in the hobby, nobody knew any better and we all did fishy cycles. Now, with better information, it is seldom done any more but you can keep your fish healthy if you are willing to do the work involved with that kind of cycling. best of luck and I hope you and the children can enjoy the new pets.
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Thanks. I did a 10% water change today and will continue to do small water changes daily or every other day as needed. :)
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Guppies are pretty tough also. They lived through all my beginner mistakes. Keep in mine that they will have babies every 28 days so even if you start with one can have many in a short time period. No one told me that in the beginning...I just thought they were pretty however they quickly took over my 29g tank! If they are gasping at the top, do a water change 20-30%. This will bring the ammonia down. Depending on how many fish you receive, you might have to do water changes everyday till it levels out. Test the water, watch the fish and enjoy them. That's what it's all about!!

"Cycling best friend is a good liquid regeant test kit, and a good barber to fix your hair after you pulled half of it out."
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I hope our little guppies make it through this. I changed the water twice yesterday. The first time 10% and then about 25%. Each time I've changed the water they have really perked up. I will continue checking the ammonia levels and all other levels daily and doing water changes daily. I was thinking about doing water changes every other day....but...I see for now that it must be daily. is a lifesaver...Thanks :)
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I've (accidentally) cycled tanks with guppy fry before, and even they have made it. They're pretty hardy fish who should do fine as long as you don't neglect the tank. One tip, if you keep doing so many water changes, your cycle will take a loooong time. Perhaps you may want to do slightly less.
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