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Petsmart will match prices if you bring in a catalog or sales paper from another store. So. you may be able to get that tank at Petsmart for the same price, without shipping cost.
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Sounds like what you've got is a hobbyist turned store owner who never learned that it's more important to be a business first. Ridiculing a customer's choice is a good way to lose one. Then again maybe it's not such a poorly run business, after all saltwater is VASTLY more expensive than fresh. I could set up my 55 gallon for african cichlids for the price of a single emperor angelfish, or a large healthy coral. Set it up in style.

I don't have any big problems with Petsmart. I live near 3 with a fourth just a bit farther away. For the most part they are well cared for. They're not my go to place for livestock but with proper quarantine I wouldn't worry about adding fish from them to one of my tanks. They are very convenient for hardware. Definitely bring in competitor prices though, a lot of their stuff is WAY overpriced.

Even with my present issues I still like the Visi-therm stealths just for the fact that they aren't glass. I also like the Eclipse systems. Just make sure you get a heater for your Eclipse, that's the one thing they don't come with that's necessary for a tropical set up. A 25W stealth works just fine keeping my Eclipse 6 nice and warm. I'd probably got with a 50W on a 12 gallon Eclipse.

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Yeah if Petsmart is willing to match prices from an online catalogue then I plan on buying my aquarium,heater, and test kit from there. I'm sure i'll end up buying any food etc from there. I'm still unsure on how people go about the fish part. I'm pretty up to snuff on the fishless cycling. How do you go about adding fish? and how many is the max for a 12 gallon?
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What fish are you interested in? Give us some of you ideas, then we can give advice on how many and whether the fish are compatible. Keep in mind you want to select fish that stay small.
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Yeah I'd like some smaller fish so i can have a bit more movement in the tank. I mostly like any of the colorful tropical looking fish. Being so new to this i don't know any names. I don't know if they're freshwater or not, but the angel fish everyone talks about are really nice looking. I'm also unsure if i should get at least one of those fish that sucks on the wall as a dustbuster in my tank or not?
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There are some small danios, tetras, and guppies that the 10 gal would make a nice home for. I think I would skip on any kind of "suck" fish, most get to big for a 10 gal. Maybe some snails or cory for the bottom. Check out, might see some fish you are interested in. I am sure lots of people here will post some good fish ideas for you to check into. I have not kept many of the smaller fish myself, so someone else will be better informed than me.
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Oh man theres so many great ones to choose from, this sucks lol. Any reccomendations into some interesting to watch active fish? also, i think it would be pretty cool to be able to say theres a clam at the bottom and if possible to have both one of those cherry shrimp!
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Well im new to the hobby as well, and im very impressed with my balloon mollys. I have 2 of them and they have great personalities. They will come and "kiss" your fingers if you put them in the water just before feeding time, and i also think they are great looking fish. Another fish i am happy about is guppies, they are very coulouful and look great swimming around with there big puffy tails. Both these fish stay small to so i think they would go well in your tank.

Heres a pic of a guppy and a balloon mollie just to give you an idea.

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Originally Posted by Guber View Post
Yeah I'm fairly confident in the Petsmart nearby. Last time i went in all the employees in the fish department seemed really knowledgable and willing to help with whatever we asked. Online so far though the eclipse 12 is about 40 dollars cheaper even with paying shipping for it compared to just buying from Petsmart. I'm curious what sort of low maintenance plants would go well with a tropical themed tank also, what a good choice for a heater would be.
Java fern, silk plants, java moss, I'm not really to great with that stuff, I just sort of buy whats available and fish safe! lol


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I think the shrimp would be great for your tank. I have seen the freshwater clams, but I have never owned one. They do look cool, I dont know how easy they are to keep.
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