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Aquarium filtration!

Does anybody tryed to hook up pre-filter after the main filter? Let say that i will use Ehiem 2217, and i would like to add

Whirlpool Whole House Water Filtration System WHKF-DWHV - eBay (item 350436769549 end time Feb-05-11 15:22:50 PST)

with this filter

Pentek S1, American Plumber W20CLa, GE FXWPC Only $3.9

Do you guys think that this will work?

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Im adding picture for visual interpretation :
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Never heard of this. Is the point to have an easier to maintain filter than having to constantly open up your canister?


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Why do i have to constantly open it ? What is your point?
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Hi Jovan
Adding an additional filter to what you already have is the way to go - Especially if you are keeping Discus'. I am running a Juwel Canister filter which came with the 260 litre tank and an Eheim Canister filter. The fish are very happy. Its great if you have a rain bar which should come with your Eheim and this will give a super oxygen boost to the tank plus better circulation.
With regards to maintenance of the Eheim, I was told by the LFS guy that you only need to do a cleaning of the canister once a year and only some of the stuff inside needs to be replaced!!
The Discus dealer told me that i have to do it every three months - lets see. I guess I won't touch it unless the output of water flow decreases. This is something we have to monitor.
Hope this helps brew.
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Originally Posted by jovanoty View Post
Why do i have to constantly open it ? What is your point?
I meant for maintenance, you could just simply open your pre-filter since it is smaller and thus easier to clean. It was more of a question, I just haven't heard of this before, so I was more inquiring the benefits.


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Yes, im thinking to keep Discus, around 4-5 + some other fish maybe, little plants and etc. For your filter you should clean and replace most of the time only the filter pads. My only concern about my second water filter is how long the filter will last, but i will give it a try, because it wont cost me much (around 50$) for everything. How often you do water change? What happened if you go on vacation for 5-6 days? Will this be deadly for the Discus? Thanks
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My point is:

Cause the Pre filter is made for House water cleaning and the life of the filters are short, if i install it before the main filter, will last maybe a day :)
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Hi again.

Discus? Excellent choice. You will enjoy them immensely.

What is the size of your tank? I have a 260 litre tank with 6 adults and 6 Juveniles and that seems just nice. Knowing me I might add another 2 exotic varieties - Juveniles - BUT - will have to take some out probably after a year and transfer them to another tank - lets see how it goes - should be okay. Seems to me (based on the Eheim model that you mentioned) that you have a tank which is 600 litres! Thats a whopper. If it indeed is a 600 litre then you have to keep at least 15 discus'. They like being in large groups.

If you have cool temperatures then you will need a heater. They like a temperature of about 28 to 30 degrees. I would think that 27/28/29 would be fine.

PH is important. I dont know what the PH levels are in your tap water. Good to get a PH test kit. Ideally your PH should be between 6 to 6.8 and not more. You have an option of using Peat or adding blackwater extract to lower the PH and this will give your aquarium the Amazonian look - tea stained clear water.

On to the Eheim - from what I understand you dont need to do anything to it once its installed and in action. Can be sealed for up to a year. Easy!!

If you have an additional box filter in your tank then you will need to just replace the top layer - the thin white foam sponge once every week and the usual rinsing of the sponges under the white one. Having two filters is the way to go especially if you are keeping Discus'

On water changes - i recommend a 15% water change every 4 days if your tank is stocked with 20 fish. Or a 30% water change every week. If you are going to start out with 10 fish then i think a 10% water change every 5 days should suffice.

The key to a healthy discus tank is consistency. Whatever you decide you have to be consistent. Once you break the routine thats when you might have trouble.

Feeding - Feed them 4 times a day - small meals. If you dont have the time then its best to use an auto feeder which ejects pallets.

Holidays? LOL. Dont go away for more then a week unless you have someone to help you do the water changes. 5 to 6 days is NO PROBLEM AT ALL especially if you are running the Eheim with another filter. I dont really get what other filter you are referring to.

Just one more thing - Add the rain bar which has about 16 holes and this should expel water just at the surface so you have good oxygenation.

Best foods for Discus - tetra bits / wardley flakes / frozen bloodworms - I use Hikari.

Plants - the more the Merrier but make sure the fish have ample space to swim in. Best t line the back with tall plants and taper down towards the front. Use soil for the first substrate then a layer of gravel. The soil will leach humic acid into the water and this will be good for the fish and your PH.

Also have lots of Driftwood in your tank. You can have plants attached to them. This is also good for your tank as again it will release tannins into the water.
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Thanks of the info man :) I dont have tank, i will get one soon. Im thinking 75 gallon or 276 liter. Probably i will use sand, some stones, driftwood for sure. I will get everything i need. Iv been reading alot the last couple of weeks, and i got alot of information so far. Discus are very beautiful fish, and i think i will realy enjoy them. Do you have pictures on yours, i would like to see them :) Thanks again and good luck
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