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I'd certainly go for the 40 gal over the 29 gal, too. In general, larger is better. A large volume of water takes longer to change, so water temperature and water parameters will stay pretty stable. Plus, a larger tank means you can have more shoals of fish!
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Ok here's what I've decided on so far

40 Gallon Aquarium
Eheim Plus 2213-37 Filter
Aqueon Proheater 150w Heater
Azoo Air Pump 6500

Anubias Nana
Micro sword
Anubias Congensis
Anubias hastifolia
Ludwigia Needle Leaf

Now I just need some suggestions for stocking once again. As well as how many of each plant.
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Do as many plants as you think looks good. What substrate are you using? Are you going to dirt?
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Unless you just like the bubbles (which I do), you can do without the air pump and spend that $$ on plants or substrate. The least expensive substrate is well-washed play sand. Two bags (2x50lb) is more than you'd need and would cost less than $10.

Looks like low-light plants (Anubias) are the "centerpiece" plants, so avoid the micro sword - requires high light levels to do well and even then it grows very, very, slowly.
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18 species/varieties of fish, 15 species/varieties of plants - The fish are finally ahead of the plants!
*560 gallons (2120 liters) in 5 tanks -> you do the math.

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You can save some money on the filter by going for a hang on back (hob) instead of a canister. I love aquaclear70 , had one running for six years now with no trouble . Canister filters are more advanced and a lot of people prefer them, but for a 40 gallon I don't think its neccesary. Spend the money yousave on plants or decor such as driftwood or rocks. I think the stocking list suggested by thekoimaiden is excellent advice, and you can alter it as far as exact species of gourami, danio... . Its hard to say how many gouramis will get along in a 40 because there is a lot of variation within each species ; some fish are very aggressive, some are extremley shy and skittish. I have 2 dwarf gouramis and a blue gourami in a 29 gal and they get along fine. Try to get young fish if you can. Lots of plants and blind spots / hiding places will help your fish coexist more peacfully, they won't be in eachothers sight so much as in a bare tank. I can't stand aggression in my tanks. I thinks its a wonderful present to give to your dad, I wish I would get a new tank for xmass from my kids! Best of luck to you.
P.S. playsand works great for fishtanks but the ordeal of rinsing it is long and labor intensive. I just changed a tank from gravel to sand, the results are wonderful but if I had it to do over I would spend the money on good fishtank sand. Still has to be rinsed, but a lot less than playsand. Its expensive in the fish store but I took 8 total hours of work to rinse a 50# bag and ended up with about 30# of sand after all the gunk was washed out. Still its another way to save some $$$ and its completly safe for your fish.
Aquarium water clarifier will settle the particulates out of your water if its a little cloudy from the sand. Once its settled you shouldn't have any cloudiness unless you really stir up the sand, which I would advize not to do. Thanks and good luck!
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I would advise against a aqueon heater. Aqueon makes good products but their heaters are terribly loud. When on, it creates a very loud knocking sound. While it heats well, I can't get passed the knocking.

Go ahead a google "aqueon heater knocking" and read what others say.

Just "food" for thought.
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Penn plax heaters are silent and dependable

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I have a ViaQuartz that I love.
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I'm going to comment on a few things and then hit the stocking.

As for filters, if you plan on going sand, I would get a canister. HOB filters tend to get burned out when used with sand. Every single one I've had got sand in it and eventually died. Canisters are more expensive, but the old saying "you get what you pay for" applies here.

It sounds like you (OP) are going low-light. I love low-light plants. You might want to look into java fern as well as some of the easy crypts like wendtii and undulata. They also thrive in the low-light conditions of anubias and will provide somewhat of a ground cover.

DKRST has a good point about the bubbler. If you aren't 100% sold on bubbles, then just leave it out. They can be expensive, and that's money you could put elsewhere.

Now stocking. I'll let you chose the species as it's totally your preference. But here are the numbers and types I'd go with:

2-3 shoals of danio, tetra, or rasbora. Aim for about 12 fish per shoal. Try to shoot for fish that tend to occupy different parts of the aquarium. For example, black neon tetra tend to like to stay around the top whereas cardinal tetra usually stay near the bottom.
2 shoals of cories. This is two species with about 8 fish each. Or a single species shoal of about 12.
3-4 gourami. Honey gourami would be my first choice as they are pretty and generally peaceful. Aim for one male and the rest female.
2 bristlenose pleco (just make sure you give them driftwood and caves)
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writings on fish and fishkeeping

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Aren't you supposed to use air stones to introduce oxygen into the tank or will the live plants take care of that?

As far as substrate I looked around and thought of this combo.
1/2 of peat
1" of eco-complete
2-3 inches of this Freshwater Aquarium Substrate: CaribSea Instant Aquarium Tropical Aquarium Substrate (Either Rio-grande or peace river)

Let me know if this looks ok or if I should tweak things a bit.
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