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API Test Kit

Ok Guys and Gals,
I bought the API master test kit today. Here are my test results
Ammonia---- 1.0
PH High-----8.2

Can you please tell me if this is the proper range to support a community tank. ( 55 gallon )
The fish I want are
Cory cat
Almost any type of schooling Fish

I hope I have provided enough info , If not just let me know what you need.

Thanks in advance


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As long as there is ammonia and nitrates, putting fish in the tank is hazardous.

Also, tetras do better in acidic water (under 7). Cories will do well in hard water 'though.
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The tank has only been set up for a week. Its still going thru its cycle. I was hoping that it was in a normal range. I should of made it clear. There are no fish in my tank.
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I tried to buy ammonia to add to my tank. The LFS was out. He told me to put Stability in my tank and it would speed up the cycle. Is this true or did I slow down the cycle process ?

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My betta tank tested high again for ammonia. so I took 75 percent of the water out. and added fish cycled water. the readings are ok now. its very important. to check the water often. keeps the fish safe. and healthy. test kits are a life saver.
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If you didn't buy any ammonia, how are you cycling your tank? What is your source for ammonia? Also if your pH test maxes out, you go by the reading on your high pH test. Do you happen to know why your pH is so high? Have you been adding any sort of buffer? You should also test your water source just so you have a baseline btw.

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I have been adding ammonia, I ran out today,went to LFS to get more and he suggested to add Seachem Stability and it would speed up the process. I dont know what is causing the high ph. There is nothing in my tank and I have not added anything to the tank.

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Originally Posted by Freddiesbuns View Post
As long as there is ammonia and nitrates, putting fish in the tank is hazardous.
Nitrates are suitable up for a community tank up to about 40ppm.......nitrItres are what you want to keep at zero....

Jerry - make sure you are using pure ammonia...... if the ingredients say anything besides water and ammonia...chances are its not the right stuff.

Can you get a test sample of your tap water?? maybe that is the source of your high ph?

You're definetly still cycling, which you pointed out. just make sure to check your levels everyday! You're doin great
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I agree with above post. Run some tapwater in a bucket and test the pH after it has set out for 24 hours. This will be your source water, and the ph will be what you have available for water changes and fish. It's not uncommon for ph to fluctuate during cycling and it is the last thing to worry about at this point. Ammonia and nitrites are all you need to concern yourself with in my opinion. Were you able to get some more PURE ammonia? Some bottled ammonia contains surfactants or detergent and is NOT what you want to use.Keep ammonia levels at between three and five ppm according to the test kit.
If you cannot locate PURE ammonia then a couple of raw uncooked shrimp placed in a section of nylon and placed in the tank will serve the same purpose. As the shrimp begins to decay=ammonia.Fish food can also work but is rather wasteful.
In closing.. I would highly recommend that once the tank is ready for fish, That you do so,a few..(2or3) at a time with five days minimum between new arrivals. Some claim that fishless cycling with AMMONIA allows the tank to immediately be stocked to it's capacity but my own observations indicate that this is highly subjective. I might also consider a small rubbermaid tub or ten gal tank to use for quarantine tank for new fish BEFORE you place them in your display or main tank. Nothing is more frustrating than to finally get the tank ready for fish only to have disease present itself and spread to other fish. The small tub or tank could be cycled in half the time with the help of filter material and some substrate from your main tank once it has matured or (cycled). Hope some of this helps.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.

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Jerry, same issue on week 1 with my tank, I used CYCLE to start it, a week later did another test and the parameters were getting better, another week was even better to where I am
7.0 ph
0 nitrite
20ppm nitrAte

Tanks been up for almost 3 months not if not 3 months any day.

I cycled my tank with a kuhli, 6 tetras and 2 gourami.

tank now has 3 kuhlis
6 neons
6 tetras
3 pepepred cories
marble angel

only lost 1 fish and that was my blushing angel due to my kids
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