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Anyone tried this?

Does anybody here have or tried this product???

Aquarium Maintenance & Water Changes: Python No Spill Clean 'N Fill

I need something like this to make lugging 5 gallon buckets all over the place appears it attaches to your sink and uses faucets pressure to drain you tank.....does it have a drop off before the faucet to drain your tank? also, how would you dechlorinate your water if it's coming right from the tap?

if anyone has used this let me know, looks great, just confusing
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For years I pulled bucket duty while draining and filling tanks. Was not until a couple years ago that I first tried the Python. (came with used tank I purchased) I kick myself for resisting for so long. It is quite simple to use. Hook it up to the faucet and twist the fitting provided one way to drain,and then whhen ready to fill, twist the fitting the other way. You can adjust the temp of the water while the tank is draining so that when you twist it to refill,, you are not adding too cold or too hot of water.
To add dechlorinator.,, I have marked a piece of scotch tape and stuck it on the side of the aquarium at the level of ten,twenty,or thirty gal however much I removed. Then just before I switch or twist the fitting to refill the tank and after making the water comfortable temp wise,, I simply add a little more dechlorinator than needed for the volume of water I removed directly to the tank and then begin filling.
You can also remove the fitting that goes to faucet and simply drain the old water out the door,window,tub,garden ,etc. This allows you to conserve water and only use the faucet for refilling so as to achieve proper temp. You will like the python and I recommend getting extension hose if tanks are far from the drain. Hope some of this helps.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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helped alot! right now i have regular siphon that you gotta manually shake to get it going, and i run the tube around the floor and into our sump pump.....but hten i gotta use buckets to re-fill....usually makes a mess

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I don't know how much the python costs, but instead, if you have the availability, connect a garden hose to your bathtub's spigot. My vanity spigot simply unscrews to present the actual pipe, which natively accepts the garden hose. Since it's my bathtub, I can adjust the temp and directly fill my 55g. Saves SO much time. Likewise, I drain my tank with said garden hose into my front yard. I take a normal gravel siphon and duct tape it inside the garden hose and start the siphon. Easy peasy.
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I used to do something like "theleetbeagle" does. I had a cheap siphon who's hose fit right inside the garden hose. Then I just ran the hose outside. I switched to the Python because it's so much easier to use. Like 1077 does, I just add the declorinater to the water in the tank as I'm refilling. The fish never complained.
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i actually do exactly what "theleetbeagle" does. ha
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I do have one, and they are worth every last penny. They make maintenance an absolute breeze. Get one, you won't regret it.
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it's around 30$ and it's great! the only down side to it, is that you use too much water when using it.

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