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It has a's flipped up those are the lightbulbs in the reflections. Sometime i do leave it up to let more light in or to get some fresh air in the water circulating.

From what I have learned is that the saying is pretty accurate..if the snails don't like where they are living then they will try to escape..when I first got my nerites , like and idiot, I wanted the best water for them and got bottled RO..which is completely soft...and the snails hated it and they went to the top of the tank...when you see all your snails at the top there is a water quality now I know what to watch for..

Now if they decide to commit suicide and its not because of the water ..well then..that's nature..I love all my critters but it was their choice...of course if I actually had creatures that jump I would always keep it covered..but I just have little inverts..


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So you just have a tank with plants, wood and snails? No fish in that tank at all? I think my 2 little Mystery snails are happy, they are still in the tank. At least, I think they are. I have not seen them slithering along the floor anywhere.

I just got another giant piece of Mopani wood for them. I have noticed they like to slither along on the wood. This piece is a weird shape and I am not sure what to do with it. I am putting it upright though so if they feel the need to get closer to the light, they will have a nice place to perch.
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I agree maybe to them it relaxes them like us laying in the sun relaxes us. LOL A picture would be great.

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yeah 3 golden and I did have a lot of MTS in there ..there are still some..but I moved them out because I feed them a lot so they stink up the tank quick. I would rather constantly feed them and do the extra water changes rather than them go hungry. So something I have noticed thats gross about that snail tank is my prefilter sponge is like a jelly roll when i go to wring it out..I guess those snails make a snail sludge. Do yours do this or do you have a prefilter sponge?

Yeah noticed they like to snail around on smooth wood like mopani...I would like to add this to my 37g for my nerites and RCS but it will throw off my Iwagumi style (hardscape-rocks only) At pet stores I see these vines they make now too that i am going to get I think Zoo med makes nerites like to always go up and down my air line to my CO2 I like to try and stimulate their minds..


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Originally Posted by Calmwaters View Post
I agree maybe to them it relaxes them like us laying in the sun relaxes us. LOL A picture would be great.

I know, right? I will keep trying to get that. Thus far, I get wash out from the flash or when I get too close they take off and look at me suspiciously as though I was sneaking up on them. Do you think they worry about blackmail shots? I know if someone wanted to sneak a picture of me laying on the beach, I wouldn't be very happy. lol
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