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post #1 of 35 Old 03-14-2008, 11:34 PM Thread Starter
Another Stocking Help Thread (30 G)

You guessed it. I need some ideas as to what to stock my 30 gallon tank with. Since my Tiger Barbs kept attacking and killing each other, I took them out. I am now left with my Peacock Eel (and platies who I will rehome). I want to add a RTBS, a Convict Cichlid, and something else. The RTBS and Convict are just thoughts; I am not set on anything. I have always wanted a large shoal of something, like Cardinal Tetras or Neon Tetras, but since I have the Eel, I doubt that can happen. I am open to all suggestions out there. (However, I'm not the biggest fan of guppies or mollies). Thanks in advance.
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I think id avoid the shark AND the eel just because I wouldnt want the shark to occasionally nip at him. On the other hand, I dont even know if he would nip or not, maybe someone has experience mixing them.

if you wanted both id say.... the eel and RTBS (or rainbow, i love my rainbow) for the bottom, and for the middle perhaps 6 or 8 full bodied tetras like diamond or black skirt tetras. they might be big enough for the eel to leave em alone. OR 2 blue gourami OR 2 chocolate gourami. the blues wont be terrible I dont think if there arent other fish to pick on. especially if you got 1 male and 1 female, or 2 females, IMO :)

I have 2 boys (blue gourami) but they are in a 110 semi agressive sooo they dont start trouble ;)

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Ok, I have no more Peacock Eel. He decided to go suicidual last night. :( . I found him completely dried up today on my floor. My filter's "hood" was completely off, so he obviously escaped through that. Poor Eel. :(

So now I only have my Platies, who I will eventually rehome. So I basically have nothing in my tank.

Maybe I can put a pair of Convicts in there. I would have to make sure my LFS would want a constant supply of babies, though.

So now I have a lot of options. I also wouldn't mind a bigger group of platies in the tank either. Maybe a Convict, 5-6 Platies, and a RTBS/Albino Rainbow Shark. Or maybe a shoal of larger-bodied tetras like you mentioned.

Any more ideas?
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if thats the case, how about some danios for the top level, a small school of some kinda tetras for the middle (red eyes are extremely lively and active)

and then a nice school of trilineaus cories or something of the sort? that would make for a happy peaceful community with lots of action :) you could even get a small pleco in there.

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Not bad ideas...

I am going to check out a new LFS tommorow; I will see what they have there. Thanks for the input.
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Went to that new LFS store today, and I was amazed. They have everything.

I only ended up coming home with one fish. A RTBS. This guy was the healthiest one in the tank. Very dark black with a bright red tail. The employee was a good "netter."

Came across some Kribs at the LFS, and I fell in love. Is there anyway I can keep 3 or 4 of these in my tank (either 1Male w/ 2 or 3Female, or 3/4Females)?

For my tank, I want 3/4 Kribs, a RTBS (got), and 10-12 Neon Tetras/6-9 Black Skirt Tetras or Marbled Hatchets. Could this work?
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post #7 of 35 Old 03-16-2008, 06:34 PM
With the kribs, you'll end up with just a pair. They will lay waste to any other kribensis' in the tank eventually.
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So would all females be best? Or maybe even two pairs (maybe not two pairs, because if they both breed at the same time, that could be bad)

I know this LFS has at least 3 males in a tank with probably 15 Kribs.
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a good buddy of mine had a nightmare of a time with his kribs. he had a pair, and one of the 2 died. the male (i think) survived and went APE #(%& on everything in the tank and killed alot of fish :(

I wound up putting him in my 110 and hes doin alright solo, but still he caused alot of problems in my buddys 180 gal.

if you can find a nice pair of kribs (if you wanna go that route.. make sure you keep us all updated as to your progress and everything youve learned about them!) with a RTBS, a school of tetras and a handful of the marble hatchets i think that would be a beautiful tank imho.

congrats on a beautiful RTBS too, btw. theyre one of my favorites :)

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My mom said she will take me back to this LFS later this week, so hopefuly I can snatch a few Kribs. Just for clarification...Do males have pinkish bellies? Because these were the ones I took as males, but I read they can be females ready to breed.

Stock Ideas...

-3 Female Kribs (or 1 pair)
-10 Neon/Cardinals or 6-8 Black Skirts
-6 Hatchets or some sort. (Maybe)

Does this sound ok? I didn't have time to check out all the tanks at the LFS, so I can see what they have next time. I still would like to hear suggestions (if there is any).
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