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Another ideas thread...

Hey there folks,

I'm just scouting for thoughts at the moment, due to the unfortunate passing of my blue lobster I've now got an empty tank to fill... It's a bog standard 29 usg (24ukg, 110l) box, and I was wondering with what to fill it. I'm open to all suggestions, however wierd and wonderful, although I'd like to do something a bit more interesting than a guppy farm etc. (Not that there's owt wrong with guppies...)

I was thinking perhaps a small school of something with an interesting bottom feeder? Or perhaps a bunch of Pygmy Cories. Not sure, still thinking...

All help appreciated!
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Paludarium set-up

I was a a tropical fish store and they had a Paludarium tank set up. Sometimes referred to as a garden aquarium, a paludarium is a setup that combines water and land within the same environment. This setup expands your stocking options since you must properly address terrestrial, marginal, and aquatic life. A Paludarium is a gold mine for the creative hobbyist. Recreate a marsh, riparian or brackish coastal setup, or focus stocking options around a specific region for a biotope paludararium. The creative options are endless. Add reptiles or amphibians for a unique and natural-looking setup. Arrange your paludarium entirely according to your own tastes and preferences.

The one I saw had a rock like background and it was only filled about 1/4 full of water. The water from the filter cascaded down the rock like background like a small waterfall. They had a long peice of driftwood covered with moss and plants that came out of the water that looked really nice. In the water were some tiny fish like neon tetras in a small group. It had a clip on light over the tank and some of the plant in the tank was growing out of the tank. It looked so cool. I guess you could even put frogs if the tank was enclosed and that the frogs could not escape. Maybe dwarf frogs. Google Paludarium for some ideas. I just thought that is is a different look to a tank besides the same old fish/plant tank.
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Hmmm. Sounds fun, though would it be suitable for such a small aquarium? Might have to go off and do some research...

Also, another idea has arisen... My friend has a six year old daughter who pops over occasionally and loves my two bigger tanks, and we were discussing the thought of setting up the tank for her so she has one of her own. The idea being to teach her about looking after animals and learning about fish and also to have something pretty to look at... She'd be properly supervised and instructed and so on and she's a pretty bright kid, so i reckon she'd manage to look after them (mostly) on her own. ANy thought as to what might be an interesting but fairly easy setup for a kid to help with?
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The 29 gal is the one you are considering setting up for the girl?
How about a school of different colored tiger barbs and some cory for the bottom. That would be easy to maintain.
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Hmm I like the idea twister had, all of them hardy fish, colorful, and very active.

That or maybe a school of tetras? with cory for the bottom?

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Aye, It's the 29g that i think would be good for her. It's small enough to go in her room, if we feel that's safe (for fish and her...) and although i know that bigger is better with regards to water chemistry levels it'll probably be a lot easier to cajole her into what will probably be reluctant water changes (but hey, who actually enjoys that bit) if it's just a couple of buckets rather than a dozen.

Barbs are pretty, and hardy too so good call there... How many do we think? 5-6 plus a few cories? The other thing i was thinking about was perhaps a couple of dwarf gourami's and a school of Neons or similar? thoughts?
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Maybe take her to the fish store and show her some options.
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That's the eventual plan, i just wanted to get a few thoughts together so i can steer her in a sensible direction. Knowing her she's gonna want a bunch of oscars, or take one look at Rosie the 2 foot long red tailed catfish and refuse to accept anything less...
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The only Dwarf Gouramis I have had, brought what I believe to have been TB to my tank.
They are very pretty fish, but are getting a bad rap about being disease prone do to improper breeding.
The neons might work, but I am guessing a 6 year old would be more interested in something a bit larger.

How about a goldfish? Would not have to worry about any heater problems.

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That Paludarium tank I saw at the local fish store was only a 3 gal. set up so it is great to do in a tiny tank or bigger. I found some really nice web sites on how to set one up I Googled (Paludarium)

I have Harlequen Rasboras that are really hardy a school of them mixed with some bottom dwellers like Corys and some other tetra school with a well planted tank of live or fake plants would work. Beware that any livebearers will take off in you tank and be a problem with excess baby fish unless you go with all males. Livebearer fish are really pretty and they have so many choices. Guppies, Platys, mollies, swordtails, Endlers just remember to get all males if you do not want tons of babies.
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