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I also think the smaller gold gourami was possibly deformed or had some illness that caused that weird bent spine shape. If the larger gold gourami is bullying the smaller ones, there could have been some stress factors that contributed, but I think you're far from "total tank disaster let's start over" territory.

Your shark is a red tailed shark, correct? I've personally witnessed their intra-species aggression but I think he might be fine in your tank. You haven't seen him bully other fish (other than when provoked and even then it was nothing major) so I don't think he's really a problem.

I might have been worried about keeping the tiger barbs with gouramis as the notoriously nippy barbs might have targeted the gourami's fins, but again this seems to be working out for you, at least for now.

That leaves the aggression between the gouramis themselves as the main problem factor, and I think you're working on that with the increased number of plants. It may very well be that your gold gourami simply won't stand for the presence of another gourami in the tank and in that case you may need to remove one of them, but breaking up the sight lines is a good idea and may help with the issue.

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Thanks Batman. I think Big Bertha is a major trouble maker. Today, I am going to do a large water change just in case there is something in the tank causing extra stress. She seems to be getting worse and worse. Even with the added plants, she seeks out others to chase. What a creepy little fish. I also saw her chase the shark but then he chased her back. I think she is bringing aggression out in him too. Oh and yes, he is a red tail shark.

Actually the description at the pet store was Black red tail shark. I looked at the description of Red tail shark on here and it look similar except that mine has all red fins and tail not just the tail. At the pet store it was also described as good for community tanks but should not be housed with any other sharks. When I asked they said, any other bottom feeders like catfish corydora etc ... fine with the shark, just no sharks. Sounds to me like another case of sales person knows nothing.

I am beginning to understand why people get frustrated, take down their tanks and move them out to the garage or basement.
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I was just looking at the shark description and found that the store has them mis-marked, Mine is not a Black, Red tail shark. It is a Rainbow Shark. Doesn't really change the fact that it can still be aggressive when they said it wouldn't be but it isn't even what they said it was. I am going to have some words with them.
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If u have a bunch of gourami's, there will always be a dominant male. The dominant male will claim a part of the tank. I have a gourami tank with one bicolor shark. No trouble at all....male gourami will chase a female every now and then. Shark's very happy and interacts with my kubotai botias only in a non-aggressive way.
The tiger barbs in ure tank with the gourami's bother me though....they are known to go after fins, like the gourami's long feelers. Maybe it's the barbs that kill at night

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Maybe but during the day or even at night while the tank light is on and the room light off, I watch and all I see thus far is the Gold Gourami chasing everyone and everything. She even chases the shark but the shark has recently started chasing her back when she does that. The Tiger Barbs so far, don't really bother either of the Gourami. They are in a school of 8 so I think they mostly pick at each other.

If there is going to be more devistation, I wish it would just happen and be done. I can't stand watching and waiting. I am sick to my stomach trying to figure out ways to re-home one of them so they can both be happy. I would prefer to get rid of the gold one because she just seems so crabby in there. The blue is easy going, swims with the Tiger Barbs, Shark and Leporinus without issue. In fact, the Leporinus hangs out in the plant with the Blue Gourami and they seem friendly toward each other. Gold doesn't seem to enjoy anyone or anything. Just crabby in general.

Just wanted to add, I had 4 Gourami but I am down to 2 because 2 of them were killed by something. I assumed it was the Gold Gourami but I didn't see it happen. I just saw that it was her that chased them all the time and now that they are gone she has set her sights on the last remaining blue Gourami.
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