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Angelfish tank size

This is a discussion on Angelfish tank size within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> Is a 45 gallon (36L x 24H x 12W) big enough for an angelfish or two? Posted via Mobile Device...

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Angelfish tank size

Is a 45 gallon (36L x 24H x 12W) big enough for an angelfish or two?
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I would just have probably 3 or if you can get a hold of a mated pair then that would work too in that size tank.
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A mated pair would be okay in that, if you can find one.

Otherwise though, it may be a bit too small. Angelfish like to shoal and I wouldn't go with under 4 of them. A four foot tank is best, which I believe is 55 gallons or larger. Mated pairs are fine in a 3 foot tank.

They do get big though, I have 5 in my six foot tank and two formed a mated pair. They chase everyone else in the tank into a corner when they spawn so I'm glad I have the room for that.
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I agree. Angelfish should never be in groups smaller than 4, and 5 is better. Reason being that the dominant male in the group can become quite a bully, and harassment of subordinate male(s) can be brutal and frequently lead to death. With 4 or 5 the aggression (which is natural) will be spread out more, and less likely to cause serious injury or death--though there is no guarantee. And a 4-foot tank is minimum for 4 or 5 angels.

The 3-foot is fine for a mated pair, meaning a male and female that have bonded.

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