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Angelfish sociology?

So I've read that Angelfish will lock lips or "kiss" whenever they are 2 males competing over territory, or whenever a prospective couple is testing each other.

I recently bought 3 Scalare Angelfish, and all are currently doing very well in my setup.
To my surprise, I found two Angelfish locking lips a couple of times. I assumed they may just be 2 males fighting over whatever it is Angelfish fight over, but then I noticed that these same 2 angels were pretty much inseperable and always shoal together. Meanwhile, the other Angelfish very rarely shoals with the other two, but more often than not keeps to himself in the aquarium.

Would anyone who has had experience with Angelfish identify this as a (potentially) mated couple?
Assuming that this is a mated couple, could they become hostile to the other fish or to each other in the near future?
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Keep a close eye on everything. There is a very good chance you have a mated pair. A mated pair will separate themselves from the rest of the group, as it sounds like your two did. They will become hostile towards the 3rd one, especially during spawning. If you see aggressive behavior towards the 3rd one, I would relocate him to another tank or back to the LFS.
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Thank you. I'm trying to look at the bright side of this if they do decide to go all hormonal on my other angel (babies :D). Do you think a well planted tank would aid as a buffer to any aggression that might occur?
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It will help, yes. But if they do start to spawn, I would remove the angelfish for sure. They become very territorial when spawning, and the sole Angelfish will become stressed from the aggression. Even if he looks fine, it doesnot mean he is fine. What size is your tank and what other fish are in the tank?
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My tank is 50 gallons and it's currently stocked with:

- 6 Zebra Danios
- 3 Scalare Angelfish
- 3 Boesemann Rainbowfish
- 2 Ramirezis
- 1 Pleco

It's strange because the couple sometimes randomly goes off on its own and spontaneously reunites with the other angel.
I'll be closely monitoring the situation after what you said, though. Thanks for the heads up.

NB: I should upload a few pictures of the tank soon. I'll keep you posted if you're interested.
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Absolutely! We always love seeing pictures!
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