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Angelfish Laying eggs need help!!

My angelfish are laying eggs so i must be doing something right. I do have a few problems. One of the angelfish is eating the eggs and is bullying the one that is laying. Plus I have a small tank set up is it safe for me to move the eggs once they are layed? They are on a silk leaf so i was just going to cut off leaf and all and move into the other tank.
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Are you going to actively try and breed angelfish? If so, you have a lot of research ahead of you as there is quite a bit to it. But in short, you would need at least a 40g to raise the fry in, and it takes several months before they are large enough to sell. There will be lots of fry, up to a hundred.

If you're just trying to 'save the babies' and don't really have an interest in breeding ... then just leave them and let them get eaten. It's not hurting anyone, it's actually health food for the other fish ;) And part of nature of course.

The behavior you list is very common for spawning angels. They will do this every 10-14 days or so.
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40gallons to raise fry?! Wow I only got a 10. I guess they will have to try on their own.
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Yes, there would be far too many fry for a 10 gallon. Any breeding and raising tanks would have to be 100% cycled also, can't do that on the fly as young fish like that are really fragile.
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I pulled water and some floating plants and decor out and put in. Plus I some old filter material in the filter. I would only try saving a few if possible. Anyway these first eggs where all eaten so maybe next time I can save a few.
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Angelfish frequently fail in their first several attempts at spawning. Wild fish never do this, unless they are under stress, but commercially-raised angels do. Once they settle into this, they should be successful. And as mentioned, they will spawn repeatedly.

Stress will also cause them to eat the eggs, or the fry. This can occur from many sources, but primarily from other fish in the tank. And of course nocturnal fish in the tank, like any of the catfish, will frequently get the eggs or the fry at night when the angels are unable to adequately defend them.

Assuming you have a mated pair, eventually they will raise fry, and then you will have to provide the fry with live foods like brine shrimp or one of the commercial fry preparations.


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