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One drawback. It is not compatable with many of the test kits. So, it give a false reading, and you can't tell where the ammonia/ammonium level is. I don't like that, I'm going to have to stop using it. If I need to use something like that I'll just try the prime I guess. I hear that's pretty good.
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I was browsing my LFS yesterday after work and saw a bottle of this. I had a quick look and nowhere on the bottle does it make claims regarding nitrates or nitrites. Can anyone using confirm it removes these as well as ammonia, or is effectively removing future nitrates/nitrites by preventing the ammonia from turning into them via normal aquarium processes (if that makes sense :) )
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I'm not sure if it does detoxify nitrite or nitrate, but water conditioners aren't long-term solutions to these sorts of issues. Basically, chemicals in water conditioners bind with whatever it is they detoxify. In the case of ammonia, it converts ammonia to a form that's not toxic to your fish but can still be processed by your bacteria into nitrite and eventually nitrate. So no, it does not work in the way you describe. My guess is that water conditioners that do detoxify nitrite/nitrate work in the same way, so detoxified nitrite would still get converted to nitrate and detoxified nitrate would just stay in the tank until removed via a water change. Nitrate isn't all that toxic to fish though (and can't be broken down in normal aerobic conditions, anyway) so I don't really see much of a point in nitrate detoxification.

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I was interested if anyone had experience with this particular brand as on their website they make claims regarding nitrates and nitrites, but the bottle does not. It just strikes me as a bit odd.

Absolutely agree that 'water conditioners aren't long-term solutions to these sorts of issues' though.
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I can verify that is does remove the toxins from the tank. It breaks down the nitrite and nitrate molecules into separate molecules. It does work, I have used it. But, it is very hard to find test kits that work along with it. The only test I could find that works is the seachem ammonia monitor that you stick to the inside of the tank. For that reason I am going with the "prime" product. But the AmQuel+ does get rid of the toxins permanently. I have talked with the kordon company and the doctor that works with the company and they really do know there stuff.
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