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AmQuel+ ??s Any body use this?

Does anyone use this product? I had some Nitrite and added this, and it took it all away. Where did it go? Does it change it into something else that stays in the tank, or does it turn it in to a gas....? I know the ammonia changes to ammonium. Does it do the same with nitrite and nitrates? It says it removes those. If it does what it says then I'd think it's a pretty good product. Of course I know it's better to not use it at all. But for now I have some problems and $100+ worth of fish to keep alive.
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I used it and it definitely works well...what it does on the chemical level I'm unsure...

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Presently using Amquel + in all of my tanks at each water change. The fish store where I used to buy Prime water conditioner by the gallon, closed.

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I read through the info on Kordon's site and can't find any on how AmQuel Plus actually works, but they say it binds to the Ammonia molecules creating new molecules that are not toxic but will not affect the nitrification bacteria or plants. Here's a link to all this info, there is a lot; the link within the article to their info on Biological Filtration is also good.
Kordon LLC - Kordon - AmQuel+


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I use amquel + and ammonia detox when im mixing water for my water changes. Since i have ammonia levels and all that in my tap water. It does a fantastic job.
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Mastermind, does it read 0 ammonia after?

I talked with a rep from the co. He said the AmQuel+ breaks down the molecular compounds of nitrite and nitrates and the bacteria eat up the molecules that are left over. So, after you dose the tank, you are left with 0 of the 2. I have seen this to be the case with nitrite in my tank in less than 30 min. For ammonia it is different, a new compound is made (not ammonium) and the bacteria eat that as well. Pretty cool stuff.
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I've read on other forums people say this stuff works really well but the smell is pretty terrible as well.. anyone agree?
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The smell? Only if you smell it in the bottle, it's pretty stinky. But after I pour it in the tank I don't smell it anymore. The smell goes away quickly. From my experiance.
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