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Thanks everyone! So i feed them tropical fish flakes and occasionally some freeze dried blood worms. And newly algea waffers. Next time i will deffinatly add only half or a quarter of an algea waffer.

I bought the snail, his name is Slartibartfast, but im not sure is its a female or not. Its a zebra nerite. There is only one but i was thinking about adding another one or two. I like seeing them snailing around all slow like. So from my understanding, as long as im not over feeding they wont boom in population?

I have 3 mollies in a 10 gallon. Would 1 more molly and 3 guppies be too much?
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Your tank is to small for that many fish.Depending on what type of molly you have some like the dalmation ones get really big. 3 of those would be fine for a 10 gal. Guppies get really big also and they are all livebearers so if the females are already pregnate you can see fry for about 4-6 months without any males around. You will have to get a bigger tank then.

I hope you know that the Zebra Nerite snail females lay eggs so your tank will have little white egg dots on the glass and plants. If you are lucky not to get a female you will not have that problem. I had a zebra nerite snail that I had to rehome to a friend as it made a mess with laying eggs everywhere and they are hard to remove from the aquarium decorations and it you have a dark gravel or sand it really shows up. They also can escape from your tank if you have any openings not covered. I use plastic mesh grid that I got a Micheals craft store to cover up all openings around my filter.I used electrical tape to secure it.

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