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Well believe it or not,
my 29 gal and 10 gal are the same temp. They both stay at 78F. No heater in each. I was going to put a heater in my 29 gal, but it has been setup for 4 months and temp has stayed the same the entire time. All of the fish in the tank are happy so I do not think I need a heater in there.
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Nope, if the 29 gallon consistently stays that temp on it's own then that's fine. You must live in a really warm climate. I'm jealous. xD
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Florida. It is horrible because I hate hot being in a hot climate! But yes the tank stays within 1 degree of 78F at all times, so you are saying I could put the goldfish in the 29 gallon?
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I wouldn't. They will still outgrow that tank, and your 29 will be way overstocked.
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Do you have a larger picture of your tank? That is a pretty nice looking tank I'd like to see it larger if possible.
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Your algae problem is likely tied to your high nitrates. 40ppm is pretty high. Doing more frequent water changes will be a big help.

But, to add to what others have said, you really need to get those goldfish into a bigger tank as soon as you can. Are these fancy goldfish, or comets? For six fancy goldfish something like a 75g would be good; comets would need something much bigger. I wouldn't add the goldfish to the 29g as this will overstock that tank. Also, mollies especially are known to pick at the slime coating on goldfish so they're not really compatible anyway.

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They are assorted goldfish. Some are fantails, not sure what the others are.
I think I am going to possibly end up giving the gold fish away to a new owner. Possibly even back to my LFS. I do not want to buy another 75 gallon freshwater tank, I am thinking of getting into salt water so I might just be best off giving them a new home.

And yes the algae problem was due to high nitrates, I did a water change and a couple days later the tank is clear as new. Thanks!

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You must have your house heater cranked up right now. I live in Orlando and without the 200W heater in it my tank would be about 70 degrees right now.

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Thanks for the compliment on my tank! Here it is, it's my first attempt at a planted tank, and although it's a lot more work than silk, I like it.


I think giving the goldfish away is a good idea, especially if you don't really want a tank that huge- it's a lot of work for something you're not really crazy about. Saltwater is neat, I'm jealous ! I'm glad that you got the algae under control, goldfish are messy messy fish!

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Good luck with your goldies, too bad you gotta give em up, but that's the best for em. I don't think I could give mine up, I get too attached. :)
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