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This is a discussion on Algae Issues within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> LOL nice drawing I find it easier/ prettier to use smaller rock & 4 of them (which really any half inch pebble will do) ...

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LOL nice drawing
I find it easier/ prettier to use smaller rock & 4 of them (which really any half inch pebble will do) and attach them to th corners to hold it down....lemme try finding a good pic of mine I can upload you here.
Alternatively you can put it on the mesh and attach it do a piece driftwood, I done that too looks real nice (if you don't have no adult cory cats come in at night tearing it up anyway).

The peat works, no doubt about that, used it all the time for my killi breeding....Was just courious what fish you house there that you have the need to lower.
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Here's 2 semi-decent shots of mine in the 55g...still had looked a lil dirty at that point back in Dec as I had just overcome cyanobacteria (algae...was pretty nasty to say the least).
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Originally Posted by Kaddock View Post
Angel, I do plan on eventually trying the excel, but how much of a drop in pH should I expect from daily use of this? I added peat to get my pH down to 7, so perhaps just removing the peat and adding the excel would keep things stable as far as pH goes?

And I am concerned about the BB, as it is spreading a lot now. It's on my feathery plants (which you know are almost impossible to clean without injuring) and it's also on my sword and my filter as well... Seems like it's going nuts!

I appreciate both of your feedback, and take all of this into consideration. I am going to observe for another week or more, then perhaps start adding excel.
Algae becomes a nuisance with too intense light and/or too long a light period. If the light is reduced (fewer hours per day) and more plants are added, brush algae will not be an issue. The siesta light scheme might do the trick. You can expect to have it on the Anubias, or on wood; that is quite common. I have it in my 90g on the wood, but rarely does it venture onto plants, and then ironically only on the leaves that are alreading decaying at the base.

While it is true that Excel sometimes has an adverse effect on brush algae, it is better to handle the cause so it won't return. Plus, this is still a young tank, and things are not yet settled.

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