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Algae on hood

So for the last two weeks, while doing water changes I have had to clean algae off the hood on my 55g. I do not have an algae problem on any surface the water touches constantly. All of the algae formation is right under the light part of the hood, not the part that opens for feeding and/or maintenance. The sides of the tank do how some particles of algae which seems normal. The one oto is usually cleaning the front glass when I leave for the morning and the Kenyi's can be seen scraping the glass, and rocks for algae throughout the day. I have read that this is normal and that algae is part of their diet. What could cause the gowth outside of the water? Next time it happens I will snap a pic of it to add to this posting.

My tank temp is 78 deg, with hard water that usually sits about 7.8 ph. All readings show normal. The lights are on during the natural daytime. They come on roughly 8am and go off when the sun goes down.

20 Gallon Planted Guppy tank. Amazon Sword, Dwarf Hairgrass, Cardinalis.
55 Gallon -1 BN Pleco, 1 High Fin Syndontis, 1 Oto, ~18 Kenyi Cichlids
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I have noticed green algae on my glass canopy and realized it was from my air stone.The bubbles from the air stone rises and the little bubbles that pop at the surface lands on the canopy or hood plus the direct light thre cuases the algae to grow so much.Thats my guess could be wrong.
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