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Here is a decent site for fish species, photos and the like. You can buy them too.
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ALgae Eaters

More Fabulous Information !!!!

Thank You All !!!
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If your looking at plecos this web site has a lot of info.

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Yeah, I'd recommend REALLY doing your research on plecos before getting one, as there are so many different kinds. Some will clean up your entire tank, some will destroy your plants, and some will avoid all green things like the plague. They're very cool fish though!
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Re: Algae Eaters

Originally Posted by FilteredFun
Great start ... Thank You!

I am unfamiliar with many of the suggested species.

[Q] Is there an on-line site that would provide me with an image of each fish named in the search bos plus additional information?

[Q] Do shrimp and others listed actually eat algae off the plants w/o actually eating the plant itself in the effort?

I believe I have seen many images of the Bristlenose Pleco in planted tanks. That was one of the reasons we had it on our must get list. It was great at glass cleaning and bottom cleaning plus it was plant friendly.

Can anyone confirm the Pleco's plant interest or disinterest?

Thanks So Much!
Matt, is the place to go for catfish info. I'm a long-time member of that site, as loricariads are one of my specialties. If regularly fed, the sucker-mouthed cats rarely if ever touch soft-leaved or otherwise plants. The larger species may crush plants in their wanderings of the tank, but the smaller ones are not a problem.
The common Bristlenose cats are perfect for a planted tank with a piece of driftwood to call home. You might want to check out Ancistrus claro. They top out at 2.5 to 3 inches, so you could easily have a group of them in your tank. I keep six of them in my 75 planted.
The shrimp are after the algae and biofilm on the leaves, not the leaves themselves. Its the same thing with Otocinclus and their close relatives.

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Re: Algae Eaters

Matt, is the place to go for catfish info.

I now have it bookmarked. It is loaded with superb information and images. I will be visiting the site with regularity. I am almost certain that we will look to the Bristlenose to assist us with algae clean-up. Its diminutive 4" +/- size is ideal for the tank communities we hope to assemble in each tank.

I expect to use a school of 6 Otocinclus to further assist us with algae issues. I want to include Amano shrimp but I fear they will become dinner for the Angels, Discus, and the Silver Dollars in their respective tanks.

Thanks for the great link and comments !!!

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