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I have always found the easiest way to feed ADFs is to put frozen blood worms or mysis shrimp in a squirt bottle (I use one similar to what restaurants put ketchup in) and then just point it at their general direction and squeeze. They learn quickly that the squirt bottle means food, and you don't have to put your hand in the water the way you do if you feed them with tweezers. The first week or two I have a new one I feed heavily so it is easier for them to find the food, this results in more water changes but they catch on quickly and than you can back off on how much you feed.
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Originally Posted by kaythenewbie View Post
ADFs are nocturnal, so spotting them during the day is hard to do. Plus one of mine likes to burrow in the gravel-maybe that's what happened to yours. I'm a little worried about how you say that it doubled in size. African Dwarf Frogs stay rather small; I hope you haven't accidentally gotten an African Clawed frog. You might want to start a new thread and post a pic just in case.

Dani, I'm sorry that your frogs didn't work out. They can be really tricky to care for. If you wanted to try raising them again, you might want to think about doing a frog only tank or a very peaceful community tank for them rather than a divided betta tank. Good luck!
OK, I posted several times on this thread concerning my past experience with African DWARF frogs. I now believe my previous pets were African CLAWED frogs.

My 9 year old brought home 2 dwarf frogs from school a couple of weeks ago and these obviously are not what I remember owning 30 years ago. These are smaller and MUCH harder to keep as they are timid to a fault and can't seem to ever find their food. A blood worm can be sitting on their head and they will manage to not find it. I had to remove all the gravel in their 5 gallon tank just so they would have a chance to find enough food on the bare bottom to survive. I also put a Beta in with them to try and build confidence, but so far they are proving to be hard to train and still just stay hid even through feeding sessions.

My previous frogs, which I now believe to have been clawed frogs, could handle themselves even in a community tank with some pretty aggressive fish. They were bigger and had much hardier appetites. They would even scrap it out with the fish to get their fair share of food. They could see food of any kind and would head straight to it. They were a lot tamer and would even see me coming from accross the room and swim for the top to jockey for position with the fish while waiting to be fed. They grew fast and claimed certain rocks and holes as their own and defended them. I lost both of them to escaping from a less than completely secure hood.

These dwarf frogs are more trouble than I wanted and are simply not equipped to survive in a community tank, which was my ultimate goal. I am now on the hunt for another pair of clawed frogs. They have more intelligence, personality, and survival skills. Though they obviously get bigger and can become a threat to the wrong tankmates, they require no special care or technique beyond what I already do on a daily basis for the fish, which is walk up, toss in some food, and keep the water and filters changed.


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