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They sing? :P That's going to be hell in my bedroom, must find another place :)
Thanks for your help,
Lastly, is it a myth that when you touch them their skin burns?

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They aren't loud at all when they sing, it almost sounds like the vibration from an air pump. The first time I heard one sing I was in college and it took my roommate and I a while to figure out what it was.

It's been 9 years and I still have the tank in my bedroom- they don't bother me at all and I'm a fairly light sleeper.

It is a myth that their skin burns when you touch them but I would avoid touching them unless you have to.
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I share your love of ADFs!!!

Just wanted to add a couple of things that havent been mentioned yet & expand on a few things that have been...

1- ADFs can not be in a tank deeper than 15 inches because it is too difficult for them to reach the top for their breathes.
2- My ADF, Bella, has no issues going to the top for the theft of my betta's freeze-dried bloodworms. However, my ADF prefers to eat regular TetraMin Tropical Flakes...even though I have ReptoMin Frog Sinking Pellets I put in everyday for her. (I also offer sinking shrimp pellets for bottom feeders for variety)
3- ADFs are fine solo, but are more active in a group...I have always thought of 3 as ideal. (3 to 5 or so can be housed in a 10 gallon with a few other fish happily...One ADF will be fine in a 5 gal)
4- Housemates for ADFs are easy to find, everything from Bettas and long as the tankmates wont see the frog as food...and some ADFs will find smaller fish to be a tasty snack. Thankfully mine hasnt tried eating live fish yet, but in the past I have had them eat fish as large as guppies and small mollies. I have mine with a small school of tiny neon tetras and she hasnt tried to eat any of them yet.
5- Some ADFs can be territorial. I have had Bella for about a year and a half, and there are some fish she will not tolerate. She will stand on her back legs are get in a threatening stance. She did this to a young BGK and to the betta in the beginning of them being tankmates. She never jumped the betta, but she did literally jump on the BGK (the blind leading the blind there, lol).
6- Generally they recommend sand with the ADFs so they wont get cut on rough gravel edges, but I have always used gravel without an issue...and I use small pebbles and havent ever had issues with consumption.
7- Sexing... Females have what look like tiny tails, while males have small white nodes under their armpits.
8- And the other posters are so correct that they can not be housed with goldfish due to their need for warmer waters. 76-78F degrees seems to keep them at their best.

Good Luck...and ask as many questions as you want and can because the better you understand these little creatures the more fun they are to take care of and watch!!

*They call me, Amanda*
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Are they okay in a cycled tank with just daily water changes and no filter?
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Originally Posted by HMlairy View Post
Are they okay in a cycled tank with just daily water changes and no filter?
i never cycled my tank before i put them in, i just added water with aqua safe heated the water to 20c and added them and they been totally fine. They were/are totally happy.
I dont even have a filter as they poo very little, just do a 50% water change every 2 or so weeks.

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African Dwarf Frogs

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Originally Posted by HMlairy View Post
Are they okay in a cycled tank with just daily water changes and no filter?
Although it could work, I would not recommend it is fully aquatic and doesnt have scales to protect it and it is just as vulnerable to ammonia, nitrites, and other toxins as any other fish is. And although they have a low bioload, it requires quite a lot of food dropped in the tank to ensure they eat enough, which in turn creates ammonia and nitrites when breaking down in the water. ADFs hunt food by smell and cannot see well, thus making it difficult for them to find food as quickly as other fish.

If you are just doing one ADF, the cheapest and easiest option is a 2.5 or 5 gallon glass tank with a lid (they do jump) a heater is a must, and you can pick up a cheap mini filter (that filters 1-5 gallons) that usually costs less than $15 USD. Even in a 5 gallon tank, you could keep up to 3, IMO.

Also, ADFs like something in their tanks to hide under. Mine also seems to truely appreciate real plants verses fake, although it is not a need of theirs.

*They call me, Amanda*
Tank 1: (29 gal planted) empty
Tank 2: (15 gal) empty
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I agree, ADFs really need a cycled tank in the long run. If you can keep the tank cycled without a filter go for it, but that can be really hard to do. Even a small sponge filter run by an air pump would help to keep it cycled.

I know you said you would use a cycled tank, but I just want to reiterate how important that is: the frogs get stressed easily by being handled and it is not always easy to catch them because they are flat and like to sit on the bottom. It's real easy to hurt one of their arms or legs trying to scoop them up so that you can do 100% water changes.
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