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You are such a kind soul to take on this project! You will get so much enjoyment out of this tank!!

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Female Bettas - Cersei, Arya, and Melisandrei
6 ghost shrimp, and 4 tiger shrimp
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55 gallon - 3 corys, 6 Bleeding Heart Tetras, a high-finned pleco, and 12 Blind Cave Tetras
125 gallon - 2 Shubunkin goldfish, 2 common goldfish, six comet goldfish, a koi, a marbled crayfish, and two small plecos.

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I wish i was able to have a tank that size but it would probibly end up going through the floor
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YAY! You're back! I think I need to run out to Petsmart to get an ammonia test and a chlorine & chloramine test kit. The ph test I have that uses droplets says I need to check that, so I wanted to try to get there before they close.

Here's the tank now!

Also, we found six fish in the tank. One of the red ones has been laying on it;s side since we got it home. I'm thinking that's a bad sign.

Can you please tell me what I need to know about getting the tank just right before we transfer the fish. Will that happen tonight?

Thank you and very happy to see you around tonight. I'm off to Petsmart.
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just get a API Freshwater Master test kit it tests PH, Ammonia, Nitrites, and Nitrates. Yeah everything looks to be in order and Make sure when you turn the filter on you put some water in where the water goes in the filter so its not running dry and it will help it start sucking up the water if you didn't do that already. O when you are there get a piece of air line tubing and if you don't have a rubber band get one of them too.

you are going to use the tubing to drip acclimate the fish before you put them in the tank

Watch this video

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Petsmart was closed and Walmart didn't have the api test kit. So I got:

1) Terta Aqua Safe - it dechlorinates and conditions. Says it's used to set up new aquariums and partial water changes. it works instantly so I'm going to follow their directions to make sure this part is good.

2) Jungle Ammonia Test Kit (only one they had)

3) Jungle Ammonia Clear in-case I need it.

I have test strips (I know they are not ideal), but will check everything and look online at the strips website to check all the ranges.

I also got the air tube and my husband and I will watch that video in a few minutes.

When will we be able to transfer the fish? When the test strip is in the correct ranges, the water is the right temp and we've followed the video instructions for drip acclimation?

I sincerely appreciate all the help!
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That video will show you how to acclimate the fish to the water and let you add them. Depending on how good the stuff you are cycling with (all the stuff with the good bacteria on it that you kept in tact) the water might get really good soon or take some time but without anywhere else to put the fish they will have to be put in the tank soon and since you did a great job of getting it cleaned that much it should help the fish alot. Also I know you just bought those testers but once you are up to it i would really get the API FreshWater MasterTest kit there so accurate and make sure you read the instructions fully on how to test because expecially testing for Nitrate is a bit different then the rest.

And on another note I would really try to get Seachem Prime as your Decloroinator/ water Conditioner if you don't have it already
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we have the seachem prime. i didn't realize it was the same as the tetra. I've added both. We'll just have to see how this goes over the next few hours.

I'm going to go find an article here about temperature so I can figure out how to keep it at the same temp as they are in now in the bucket. The heater I am using is warming the tank and it's up to 68 now. The "arrow" it says for tropical fish is what I used and I think it goes to 78.. should I just leave it at that temp, after it;s at 70 for a while then out the fish in? If all is well with the water ph etc?

Also, if I do the drip method he shows, it will take forever to acclimate them that way. I am not to keen to move them again to a smaller bowl.

I think Romad said I couls slowly add water from the tank to the bucket over time, so maybe I will just do a small amount over 15 min or so?
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yeah maybe with a cup or something

and about the temp thing my tank is between 78 and 80 degrees so that 78 thing is perfect and one thing i mgiht do is take out some of the tank water and add some warmer water with some prime in it to get it to temp faster and use something to swish the water around to mix it

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Per that vid; a proper drip acclimation takes about 3 hours, you want to double the water volume every hour for 3 hours, depending on the behavior of the fish. If they look stressed slow it down. By the looks of that tank it was neglected in a big way, few if any water changes, probably just topped off. This means the hardness is way jacked, your water will be much softer. This is what affects fish due to osmotic pressure, not pH.

Plan on a nice slow drip acclimation, put the bucket on something that provides a bit of insulation from the floor to help maintain temperature. Looks like the tank cleaned up pretty good, there are things beyond vinegar that are safe to use if you know how to use them properly.
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So you suggest we do the drip for three hours once everything else is good. I can do that. I'll be up super late, but I am fine with that.

Based on my strip test the Nitrite is inbetween the mfg's recommendations, It looks like it's at 0.5 instead of 0. It says to use quick start aquarium (which I don't have and salt). I'll add a bit more salt now and see how that goes.

Will get the bucket off the carpet now. :)

Thank you!
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