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Thank you for sharing your new aquarium experience! I'm happy to hear all is finally great for your fish. That is a very pretty fish!

We are not adding anything live (except the six fish we got with the tank) until the tank has fully cycled. The tank was cleaned on Sunday and we didn't use any vinegar, we are just living with the white film for now.

Thanks again!

Originally Posted by dancelady View Post
I am new to this discussion, but I am also new to keeping freshwater fish. Sylverclaws has helped me immensely, and I am trying to raise Mollies and Cats, and I bought too many, put them all together from different stores, and really got concerned when my tank got cloudy. Too many, too fast setting it up, and not enough testing materials, as well. But I did what he said, moved some fish to a new tank, and treated for ammonia/nitrites, etc. After 4 weeks, the tank finally cleared so I am a very happy camper! I won't go into it all, but the main thing is BE PATIENT as you try to get everything cleaned and set up properly. And when you clean with white vinegar, you might have to leave it on for a while, I found that it did clean it all (had some older tanks). Will keep an eye on your success, as I am trying to do the same with my tanks. Oh and here is a picture of one of my Mollies...
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Tolak sent us a mature filer media, so we are not going to use any chemicals. Hopefully, things will go well. I also kept the two bio wheels that were in there - just rinsed in prime water for a few - so those things should help. Hopefully, we won;t need to add anything else. Our levels seems okay today.

We are not adding anything that is alive until the tank has fully cycled. We do want to add some live plants and a few new fish so they can all have buddies to school around with, but want to get a handle on lighting and what it means to have and care for the live plants and fish together.

I am keeping my eye out for another aquarium fro Goodwill or listed on craigslist etc. to start cycling now so we can have a quarantine area for the future.

Thank you, once again, for all your help and good advice.

Originally Posted by Sylverclaws View Post
Yeah, cycling the tank with them in it, even with helpful chemicals, can kill them. But you kinda got stuck, eh? Let's see if we can't help you make it a bit safer during this time...but be aware it may still permanently damage their immune system, so you have to be extra, EXTRA careful you don't add in any sick fish, that's why you need a quarantine tank for making sure later fish you may want have a clean bill of health before going to the main tank. 10-20 gallon QT will work, I do suggest 15-20 gallons really, and don't add more than three fish per week to any of them. You keep fish in QT for...well it depends what kind of fish, labyrinth or bottom dwelling fish should be kept in it for at least 6 to 8 weeks, most only need about a month, and some may need longer. So you'll want something with room, especially if you intend to get a larger fish at some point like a gourami.

Now for helping make your fish safe during the cycle...well, Prime detoxifies nitrite and nitrate and removes ammonia, so that will help. Accompanied by stress coat+ that will help their slime coats more and keep stress down is a bonus, and stress zyme+ is bottled beneficial bacteria, which may help move you along just a little faster. Water changes during the cycle will also help.

Someone may know a fish-in cycle chemical that has worked for them and others, sometimes they do just need a little extra protection but other times...meh. I never trust them myself, at least not to fully work as I don't believe any can, but every little bit of protection DOES help if only a little. ^^;
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Question Using stress zyme+

stress zyme+ You said this is a good-bacterial solution for clearing up a cloudy tank or one in trouble. Can this be pretty much the same as SmartStart by TLC which is an expensive additive for a tank? I would prefer to get a cheaper one, if possible, to use in the future. How much generally is stress zyme+? How much would you use in a 20gal tank as a maintenance dose?
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AnnieH (05-01-2014)
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I wouldn't use either. You're trying to solve symptoms rather than the problem using products with a track record that is questionable at best.
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Really good news on the tank today.

PH is 7.4 - still high but not what it was yesterday!
Ammonia is 0 ppm
Nitrite is 0 ppm
Nitrate is 0 ppm

So far, so very good! I got two new big tubs today. I am going to fill one with water and add some prime in case I need to change water in the next few days. I read that I should let the water sit for two days before using it if possible. I may also add a heater to it just to get it to the same temp as tank.

I think that may help reduce the stress on the fish when I need to change it.

I also got the little guys some bloodworms from Petsmart. That's what they recommended when I was there today as a treat. I used some water from the tank and out a frozen block in there. They should be all unfrozen by the time hubby gets home.
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The tank is not cycled if you are showing 0 across the board. You said someone sent media and you rinsed it out? In fresh water or tank water? If fresh, and not dechlorinated, you will have killed the good bacteria.

Keep Smiling~Carole

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AnnieH (05-02-2014)
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For starting out, no, don't rinse filter media in untreated tap water. The nitrifying bacteria is more fragile, you will do at least a little damage, if not a lot. With more mature media it will do little if any damage. If the disinfectant used in tap water were strong enough to kill off a healthy mature colony of nitrifying bacteria it would make for a great oven cleaner but would be totally undrinkable.
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AnnieH (05-02-2014)
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Keepsmiling: I rinsed the filter media in a bucket of water I put out in the morning with some prime in it while waiting for the ups delivery. As in "freshwater" do you mean tap water?

I thought it took 4-6 weeks for the tank to cycle? I thought it was good to be within the range the testing kit says it's best to be in. Am I wrong? Are these levels bad?
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here's the tank today

So far, so good. All the six fish are still swimming!

We're doing a water change almost daily. We've also varied their diet to include bloodworms (only gave them to them once so far) and shrimp pellets in addition to flake food.

When we do the water change, I get the water ready in the morning and add a heater to bring it to the temp they're in. Seems to be working okay.

Thanks to everyone for all the great assistance!
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WOW!! You did such an awesome job! Color me extremely impressed. That tank is gorgeous. Bit plain, but gorgeous. Bravo to you. I cannot wait to see what you do with it once you're ready to go forward.

Try giving them frozen foods, or live/fresh. Pellets are alright provided they're high quality, but they have to be soaked for several minutes before feeding or they risk causing constipation or a blockage. Bloodworms should be a very rare treat because no matter their form also carry that risk.

Any and all freeze-dried foods are terrible. They claim to be nutritious but in reality the freeze-drying process actually removes most of it. They also have a high risk of causing bloat and fatal blockages, even if properly soaked though that does lessen it like with pellets.

If you have a store with frozen foods, try glassworms, emerald entree, mysis shrimp is a maybe(some love it, some hate it), brine shrimp(this is a favorite among all of my fish). Those are goodies. Emerald Entree can be messy, but it's got veggies in it to go with proteins, for omnivores, which is what you have. =) You can also give them fresh, blanched foods like kale, romaine lettuce(stay away from iceberg), steamed or boiled broccoli stems are big with some of mine and high in calcium for your fishies as is kale, peas cooked and skinned are great but be careful(peas are very good for them, but fed too often can cause diarrhea, they're used to help cure swimbladder infections, constipation and remove small blockages). My fishies love that stuff, I give them once or twice a week max. =) Blanched cucumber and zucchini is alright too, remove the seeds from the center though(I "Blanch" by slicing them, putting them on a cookie sheet between wax paper and freezing them over night, keep them frozen so they stay good and heat them up in really hot water before feeding to make them nice and squishy, these are great for bottom feeders too, but your fish may like it). Just don't over-feed them. Test with small amounts and see if they go for things, remove right away if they show no interest so you don't hurt your water quality.

Turning on the Aquarium lamp in the morning is MY cup of coffee.

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