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Additional equipment that I'm going to need...

Question, questions, questions!

The following is the equipment that came with the 100 gal Clear for Life System-2 that I知 in the process of setting up:

Lighting: 2 vita-lite bulbs, 2 aquatinic bulbs
Filtration: Built in wet/dry and a H.O.T. Marineland Magnum
Heating: Marineland Visi-Therm Stealth 250 watts

I知 going to set this up as a community tank with a sand substrate.
In addition to my pictus, upside down cat & pleco
I知 considering loaches/cories/and a school of barbs.

I知 thinking about the daylight/ moonlight combo on a timer.
Which bulbs would I replace and/or add?

What other equipment will I need to purchase in regards to
filtration above to make it bomber?

Do I need to add another heater?
Is sand substrate okay for the fish I致e listed above?

I'll take all the information anyone wishes to share!!
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The single 250W heater seems a bit small for a 100. I have a 120 that I have two 300W heaters in. The HOT magnum seems a bit on the small size but could be OK if you stock lightly.
Actinic lights are generally used for salt water reef situations and are a very blue/white color compared to most bulbs. If you are going for a planted tank, you need to read up on lighting for the plants that you want. The color of the bulbs is not a big deal compared to the light intensity but the intensity won't change just by changing bulbs.
If you are not going to have live plants then the lighting becomes a simple question of what lighting fits your personal preferences. My guess from their name is that the vita-lite will probably have a pinkish cast like so many "plant" lights do. As I already said the acitinics will be a stark bluish white.
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Adding another filtration unit...what type/brand should I be looking for?

I don't want to overstock (a newbie not overstocking? Impossible!!)
but I know I won't understock....
Everything I've read here on the forum says more is better when it comes to filtration, right??

Not sure on plants yet but I'll take your advice and read up!
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You want to be looking for a filter that is designed to serve a 50 gallon tank at least so it can take up a good part of the filter load. Rena and marineland both make good canister filters. I have read good things about Eheim but have never used one. The only Fluval I have tried was an internal filter, the model 4+ and it works fine.
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So the combo of the wet/dry filter along with the magnum won't be enough filtration? wet/dry filter does not serve as filtration??
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As far as I've read, wet/dry filters are pretty much the absolute best biological filtration you can get for an aquarium. What's the flow rate through the wet/dry? Are you using the Magnum as a pump to return water from the wet/dry to the tank or is it just an additional filter? If the wet/dry was designed for the tank it's on, then I would say you probably have adequate filtration with what you've got. However, if you are heavily stocking the aquarium or stocking with dirty fish (big plecos, big cichlids, lots of african cichlids, carnivores, etc) then you might want to step up the flow rate even further by adding a power filter.

Having a second heater for a tank that size would be a good idea. Not only will it help distribute an even temperature throughout the tank, but will also serve as a failsafe should one heater break.
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The Magnum is just for extra filtration. The wet dry has it's own intake for water to flow into it.
Not sure how you determine the flow rate of the wet/dry. I know that it's adjustable depending how much water you let in at a certain rate. The guy I purchased it from showed me how to adjust for flow rate but I'm not sure on the maximum flow rate. How do you determine that? I don't see that information labeled anywhere on the filter.

I'm not going to be stocking with "dirty" fish. Once the tank is cycled I plan on posting for info on a community tank, ie: size/number/compatibility on the fish I like/want. I'll add another two Pitus. I really like loaches, cories and a school of barbs. It all depends on what the experts (you & everyone else here on the forum!) tell me.

Yes, I will get another heater, for sure.
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I don't know how I missed the wet/dry in your original post. A wet / dry is the best of all filters for biological filtration.
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