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With Gourami... Males and females both tend to fight with each other and I have always kept to a "one Gourami rule per tank". I know there are many incidents of members keeping several together but I think in most cases they are in fairly large tanks which allows for a small school of them 6-7 which helps settle aggression. Usually most of the Gourami sold in the LFS are the Males. They are the colorful ones.. the females are quite drab. So if you bring 2 very pretty ones home, they are likely both males and you will immediately have a dominance issue in your tank. I even had 2 Pearl Gourami, the gentlest of Gouramis fight and chase each other in my 75 gallon... even in 48 inches of water the one was unable to get away from the other.

Hope this helps.

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I actually have 3 in my 35 gallon. I was worried at first that there would be aggression or the tank would be too small but it works out great. There is the occasion chase but it's usually a dart towards someone and it's over. When I didn't have a male and just females was when I had the worst aggression, the females would pick on each other all the time. I now have 1 male/2 females, and they get along quite well.
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But with your tank in particular, I think a gourami would just be too much.
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I was thinking of a 10 or 15 gallon with some gourami in them, but if they're that aggressive, I may reconsider and do another kind of fish.

With the addition of thy 3 platy and the zebra snail I bought yesterday, is my tank overcrowded now or is it pretty ok space/bioload wise?
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