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Added new filter now readings all 0

Friday night I added a canister filter to my 55 gallon tank - kept the HOB filter going

Now my readings are:

Temp 78
pH 8
Ammonia 0 ** not quite 0 but not .25 either (tap water is .25)
Nitrite 0
Nitrate 0 ** this was a 5 before

Can adding a new filter start another cycle?

Tank was established for over 1 1/2 years before I got it. I never saw it cycle
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Adding a filter shouldn't cause another cycle.

Are these numbers right after a water change, right before one, or somewhere in the middle?

4 8 15 16 23 42
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These readings were 6 days post 50% water change and 2 days post new filter.

I'm doing another water change tonight. Then hopefully every Monday and Thursday nights after that.

I'm seriously thinking scraping the whole set up and doing a cichlid tank because of the pH.
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Sorry...refresh my memory, what sort of fish are in there now? How hard is your water in conjunction with that 8.0 pH?

4 8 15 16 23 42
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My pH has been between 7.8 and 8. I have one piece of driftwood, getting a second. The tap water here has ammonia and the pH is 8.

I have been reading up to 5 with Nitrates prior to the new filter, so that meant my tank had cycled and the good bacteria was working, right?

Since the new filter I have been reading a definate 0 on nitrates and a "not quite" 0 on ammonia.

Right now I have in the tank
2- angelfish
2 congo tetra
2 kuhli loaches
4- mollies (which might just be temporary)
4- otocinclus
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Were it me,I would not fret over pH and nitrAtes at this point. I would submit that the fact fish are still alive,is a sign you are doing things right. Keep an eye on ammonia and nitrites and change water when needed to keep levels as close to zero as you can. The Nitrates will appear ,they have to unless you do something to interrupt the maturing process(cycling).
Leave the new filter and the old one run together for another couple weeks and the bacteria(good kind) will begin to develop there as well as the old filter. A good dechlorinator such as PRIME in case I haven't mentioned it ,will also be very helpful for new water you add during water changes. Hang in there.
Don't overfeed,don't disturb the filter material pads,sponges,cartridges,etc and if you don't overfeed,then vaccuming the gravel can wait until the tank has cycled. Then all you gotta do is once weekly water change and maybe vaccum one half the tank and the other half the next week and so on.
Sometimes we get too caught up in testing although it is necessary with fish in the tank ,but the only thing to really worry bout is the ammonia and nitrites . The rest takes care of itself. Is frustratingly slow process sometimes but by not over feeding ,performing water changes to keep ammonia and nitrites in check, it will happen.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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Just a thought. What type of media are you running in the canister filter?
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I started using a dechlorinator - Aquamel+ they were out of Prime at the store and recommended this one.

As for the canister (Ehiem Ecco 2236) there are 4 chambers, the bottom has a blue sponge, and some substrate that looks like coacoa puffs, then substrate in the next two with a white pad on top of the last one. I left the top chamber empty. I didn't put in the carbon filter that was provided because it wasn't a new tank, and I wasn't using any medications.

Readings today were stilll pH 8 and 0's for the others.
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