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I though molecular bonded tanks dont have seams? after all they are molecular bonded.. no?
Yellowing only happened with tanks that were made 10 years go .. primary reason being poor chemical composition of acrylic itself, from what I know it does not happen anymore.
But it does not matter all together I'm not arguing with you. Just stating facts.

I will hold your fish hostage! Unless you pay me one billion dollars.
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LOL guys, this is the perfect example that everyone has their own opinions. Personally even if i were given a free tank i would still elect to get glass. That's just my opinion, just as you, and everyone else have their own opinions.
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"acrylic is better."
Just stating facts? You sure?
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LOL, both offer distinct advantages its really a preference and less financial. For example, if you think a strong lightweight tank that wont leak or crack very easily is your most important factors, then acrylic will be worth the cost to you. Most hobbyists use glass because its cheaper and very common. However, glass does have a lifespan also as silicon wont hold forever. Its also more fragile, breaks for easily under pressure and has a higher chance that it will leak. I do believe that glass is still rated higher in clarity. I have seen heaters melt or warp acrylic tanks, something that wont happen with glass. Acrylic scratches easier but there are tons of products out there that will fix it up real quick. Also, underwater, most scratches wont be visible, its the scratches on the outside thats more visible. There are also protective coatings you can put on acrylic or buy scratch resistant acrylic for tanks.

Its a matter of what is most important to the buyer.

I have a small acrylic tank that ive dropped down a flight of stairs with no dmg except for a couple of scratches. Any glass tank down a flight of stairs will surely break. How often you will carry your tank up and down stairs is probably very low but the extra strength is there.

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seems like the best bet would be to take the free acrylic tank and sell it and buy a glass

anyways, i was given an acrylic tank for free. i like the way it looks differently than my glass one, but it does scratch very easily. I was cleaning it out getting it ready to be used and i used the rough side of the sponge and it made some scuff marks on it. I have seen several scratch repair kits online, anyone have any experience on whether these work or not?

also i would never chance drilling a glass tank, i know it can be done, but acrylic is far superior for those purposes.
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