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Question acrylic or glass

Does anyone know the pros and cons of going with a large (150gal) aquarium made of glas or acrylic?
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I always opt for glass. Even though both are good quality,, My expierience has been that acrylic is much easier to scratch when cleaning the inside glass with razor blade,magnetic alage scrapers etc. only takes one small grain of sand, or snail shell,or tiny pebble to do considerable damage to acrylic. Same can happen with glass, but acrylic is more unforgiving.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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i second that, my brother made a big deal about buying an acrylic tank....his side are scratched up from wiping them down with algae scrapers.....i vote glass
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The only reason for going acrylic in my opinion is if you have nobody to help you move the tank.
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For above reasons I'd go with glass as well. I thought acrylic was used only in aquariums that have non-square shapes. i.e. bow front, wavy front, etc.
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Acrylic actually has many advantages over glass. To name a few it's stronger, weighs less, more flexible, no chance of leaking... The main deterrence in my opinion is that is costs a whole lot more than glass, so glass is preferred by the average fish tank owner any day.

As mentioned above, it does scratch extremely easily compared to glass, but that's why they make cleaners and srubbers specifically designed for acrylic that will not scratch the tank. On the plus side, scratches on acrylic can easily be buffed away without harming the fish. Coralife makes a decent product to buff away scratches inside the tank.

If the price was cheaper, acrylic would be the best choice, but for a lot of people, me being one - glass is just more affordable, and fairly strong and durable.
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glass all the way my 400 gallon will be glass

65 gallon tank
1 oscar 7inch
1 firemouth 4inch
1 common pleco 6inch
1 long finned tiger oscar 3inch

45 gallon tank
2 rainbow tetra 3inch
2 skirt tetra 2inch
1 blue ram 2 inch
1 clown pleco 2 inch

15 gallon tank
1 sailfin pleco 2 inch
1 electric blue jd 2 half inch
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acrylic will yellow after a few years.......
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All the points made above are valid. I have both. I prefer glass, but it is real heavy to move!
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