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About 1 Month with tank

If you havnt seen any of my other threads I am very new to this hobby. I may ask so stupid stuff sometimes, but I really do want to know everything there is to know. Everyone has been great. Well all my fish are alive. I started with to and now im at the max that I will have of 6. I have an assortment of African Cichlids. And in about an hour ill have pictures of them so I can ID them. I got them from the assortment tank. Is there anything I should be looking for now that I progress. The water is clear. But fish dont seem to be very active. I havn't seen them much but when I do go in they kind of just float around chilln. I turn the light on around 1 pm and keep on untill 2 am. Is that wrong. I come home from work around that time. Also I feed them then shut the light of about an hour later. Also I have done water changes. But the water seems to evaporate quickly from my tank. Its not a lot but you can see the water level is done. Sorry for all the questions I will have the picures up in about 1 hour.
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The water can be clear and still be bad. It took my 55 gallon over a month almost 2 to completely cycle.

What are the Ammonia , Nitrite and Nitrate readings?

How long have you had the fish in the tank?

How ofter have you done water changes? How much of a change do you do?

What are the Ammonia , Nitrite and Nitrate readings?
I ask this because some times fish are skiddish and just hide, but other times this chilling you describe is a sign of sickness. This can be cause by the first two chemicals, even if your fish make it through the cycle its very hard on them and their life span might be shortened. unless you did fishless cycling.

How long have you had the fish in the tank?
I ask this because, you can't do a typical cycle without the fish in the tank. Also once you have cycled each time you add a fish there is a new mini cycle, but it sounds like you know that already.

How ofter have you done water changes? How much of a change do you do?
I ask this, because this is the biggest mistake people new to the hobby make, you should not do large water changes during the cycle, as this only prolongs the cycling. If you have fish in while your cycling the best thing you can do is use something that binds the ammonia into a non toxic form but leaves it in the tank for the bacteria to feed on. I like Prime.

I 60% of my tank when cycling due to bad advice and lack of knowledge.
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Apart from nfored's very important questions (specially water parameters), I'd like to add:
Easiest way to regulate the light and be sufficient for plants is putting a timer on it and set it to run 9-10 hrs every day.
What lights do you have in there?
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