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58 gal stocking; platinum/red theme

Hi guys!

I've just purchased a 58 US Gal tank (100cm long x 40cm deep x 55cm high) and will be using a Superfish Aqua Flow AquaPro 600 (158.5 gal capacity) and, after scaping it with black sand and background and plants and whatnot, I'm thinking of stocking it with a platinum/red theme

I was initially going to leave it platinum, but I love cherry barbs and they are going to be a definite yes in this tank

On the platinum side I'm planning:

1 x Angelfish (some platinum/silver type)
1 x Moonlight Gourami (I'm going to monitor this carefully, I've heard mixed opinions and experience on keeping the species together - I've read that this is supposed to be a gourami more on the timid side so I'm hoping there won't be too many issues with it and the Angel) possibly a girl?
1 x Albino Bristlenose Plec, probably a girl if I can get one
8 x Albino Cories (probably, maybe more/less depending - will watch these with the temp as well, I know they like it cooler than the Angels prefer?)

On the red side I'm planning the cherry barbs, probably a shoal of around 10, maybe 12 - I've read some things about barbs being nippy but I've also read that these are supposed to be less so than other barbs, and I'm hoping the size of the group will help

Plugging this into our friendly AqAdvisor gives me a stocking level of 87%

I'd love some suggestions/thoughts on possibly adding a white-to-red type fish to bring the cherries together with the platinum guys (and will be willing to adjust group numbers to accommodate). I was (very loosely) considering, Glass Bloodfin Tetras or Rummynose Tetras - I love Silvertip Tetras but I've read some real horror stories about them and I don't think I'd be comfortable keeping them in with the Angel or the Gourami. I was also looking at Glowlight Tetras but I know they'd probably end up Angelfish dinner

I'm not married to adding a 'tie-in' type fish; is the consensus the tank should look okay with the one red species or should I look at adjusting stocking levels to have a 'tie-in' species of some kind?

Thanks for your opinions!
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If you can get them, platinum rummy noses? I heard they a bit more expensive, but they got the red/platinum thing going! Other than that, the stocking looks good. I'd just watch out for the angel and the gourami, I find that angels will pick on fish their size - obviously for competition/hierarchy - but something to watch out for. (But it could just be my angels! )

you could even do a pair of BN, one albino and one red (or super red)...? That could tie the two groups togethor?

Instead of tie in fish, why not tie in plants? Red tiger lotus, or crypts - like flamingo? Even most rotala or ludwigia sp will have a reddish colourations. Alternanthera reineckii and Alternanthera reineckii 'Mini'? Amazon sword varieties (flame and melon come to mind)? red root floater? Aponogeton Crispus 'Red'? Barclaya Red

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I've never had any problems with 'Impulse Buying'. They're just animals that I forgot I had planned to get.

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You are a genius! I've never heard of the Platinum Rummynoses, they look really good for my requirements - I've also been suggested to try Denison/Roseline barbs; did you have any ideas on those at all, I'd be interested to hear your opinion!

I like the look of those Red Plecs too - if I did add another Plec would it need to be a female-female couple? Would a male/female couple of two different colours breed, and would that then be bad if they did?

I hadn't even considered trying red plants in to tie it together, you just *flails* amazing! I'm definitely going to look into that and if I don't go with another species of fish I'll absolutely look at trying some of those plants - thank you so much for your help, srsly, it's invaluable :)
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Unfortunately no, In aus they like $70 -150 each, so I don't think I'll get them for a long time. But I heard they are amazing in a big shoal and look amazing in large tanks (75G or more, in a nice flow rate). But a nice sized shoal of 4-6 would add visual interest.

You could, unless you want to breed them. All the bristlenose colour morphs (normal, marbled, calico, albino and reds.. (then then the longfins) are all the same. Except for some of the other similar BN like the blue eyes and peppermints, they the same species.) It's just you will get a mix in the resulting fry, you may get some normals, red, and then albinos. It depends on the genes of the parents.

In glad you liked it, just before I would looking at flamingo crypts and OMG, I died. Thought it may be an interesting twist.

540L/140G - 'Tidal Jungle' (Crabs) | 254L/67g - 'Backwater Pool' (Fish/Snails) | 96L/25G - ''Twisted Minds" (Fish/Snails)

I've never had any problems with 'Impulse Buying'. They're just animals that I forgot I had planned to get.
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