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57 Indonesian tank (final draft)!!

Okay after lots of studying and some great advise I FINALLY got together what to stock my tank with. So Here goes!

Tiger barb
Green- 11
Normal - 8

Zebra loach - 5

Moonlight - 2 (Will try introducing them first and let them settle in then add others)
or Opaline - 2 (if the moonlights start to get picked on ill get these instead)

Bamboo Shrimp - 3

Okay, now for the plants.

Pellia in the back right corner growing on the rock work.
Tiger lotus in the front right cornere of the tank.
Asian Ambulia along the back of the tank.
Straight Vallisneria weaving through drift wood in the middle of the left wall
And Dwarf hairgrass infront of the drift wood and vallisheria and a patch of sand between the tiger lotus and the dwarf hairgrass.

Let me know what you guys think was kinda of inspired by Amano Takeshi, with some of my own stuff worked in. Its going to be work in progress for a long time but definitely worth it.

Would you guys recommend ALL the plants set up first(then let cycle) or like some of the plants (Then let cycle) and then add moonlights and then finish the planting before getting the rest of the fish? (Not all at once of course.)

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It would be fine to add all the plants at once right away. U can wait or add them now. It won't make a difference....

If you get a lot of plants you might not even have to wait for it to cycle before you add a few fish.

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REally? I dunno if i could afford all the plants at once tho haha.
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Cool toy that will show you how your tank will look, has options to add plants, rocks, driftwood, 3D view, etc.
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Originally Posted by Redknee View Post
Cool toy that will show you how your tank will look, has options to add plants, rocks, driftwood, 3D view, etc.
Wow that is a cool toy... and i msut say so my self that if everything works out the way i want it to my tank will look amazing! lol
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