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55G - Should I replace my XP2 with an XP4? Can get a good deal...

Hey all,

This weekend I finally populated my 55G with African (Malawi) Cichlids. I currently have a Rena XP 2 on the tank. My petsmart has a pretty good deal (I think) on the Rena XP 4 - $160 out the door. They only have two left and I was thinking of jumping on it to replace my XP 2 (which I would sell).

However, I don't know if the XP 4 will cause to much flow in the tank thus rendering it worse than my XP 2. Any thoughts?! I have about an hour and a half to go grab it if it would be beneficial!

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I own a100 gallon tank with XP4 and it runs great I have lots of room for media bio mostly.I heard you cant have to much filtration but i have only had my tank for six months and its ALL GOOD.And for that price thats dam good and if you dont get all the answers you want now you can buy it now and return it laterbut find out first there return policy before you buy.
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I held off for now as I'm thinking it may be overkill. Anyone have any other thoughts? Other than this just being a "good deal", would it provide any benefit for me to upgrade? I only really want to make the jump if it will provide a substantial difference for my tank.

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From my understanding with canister filters, you want to go with one that is rated for the size tank that you have. Hopefully some of the other members that use canister filters here will chime in. From what I have read here it seems that the xp4 may be overkill.
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If 55 gallon tank is moderately stocked with small to middlin size cichlid's,then your XP2 at close to 300 gal per hour (a bit less with media added) should be up to the task,only you can determine if this is the case.
I usually judge this by how long it takes for water to clear after gravel vaccuming.
If water is clear within twenty minutes, I consider the filtration sufficient for fish load.
If fishes were larger, six to eight inch cichlid's,, then I would consider the XP4.
Cichlid's are messy fishes, and anyone who has watched them eat, will note that nearly half of that which they take in through their mouth's is crushed within, and much escapes across their gills and fall's back onto the floor of aquarium.They also produce considerable amount of waste(poop) compared to other smaller fishes so in my view,,, it is beneficial to have vigorous water movement to help keep waste in the water column where it can be grabbed by the filter as opposed to laying on substrate between water changes.
You have roughly five times the volume of water the tank holds being filtered each hour presently, and if as mentioned, fishes are smallish, and not too numerous,,then your present filter maintained regularly, may be sufficient.(your call)
For me,,I would select the XP4 simply cause overfiltering with cichlid's I have kept ,produced the desired result's.

P.S. Should you decide to replace the XP2, I would use sizeable amount of media from the XP2 to seed the new filter before removing the old one, and would monitor the water (ammonia level's) closely while feeding a bit less for the first couple weeks.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.

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