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55 Gallon tank brand new questions

Alright Im almost 15 and I am getting a 55 galon for my birthday and christmas. How long should i have it set up before i add the fish? I am planning on making it a South American Chiclid or African Chiclid tank.
What should the water paramiters be at? (PH, Temp, etc.) I also want to make it a biotype aquarium so a few plants that would be suggested would be helpful. I am no beginner at aquarium keeping so go ahead and let me have the most complicated info i need to know.
Thanks Everyone!!! :D

Bow down to MTS!!!!!!!!
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hi, i myself got a new tank and is setup to house african cichlids.

african cichlids like to have high PH... 7.8 or higher... so i was told to setup some rocks to help raise PH... ask your local fish store... they should help you with it.

as for temp, 78 to 80 degrees

to get started, you need to cycle the tank.

try this link
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use coral sand to buffer your cichild tank, or you might use coral gravel (i use coral gravel 2 inches depht), seachem cichlid salts are fine (do not forget to read the instructions and dose it accordingly) ph will be 8 to 8.4 by using the coral gravel , sthat is fine for a malawi set up, temperature set at 78-82 oF, no plants , i mean no live plants, cichlid are voracious . lots of stones is much better, do not forget to make partial water changes at least every l5 days, and if you have any doubt pleas let me know. happy cichlid keeping. SALUDOS DESDE MEXICO.
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just a little side note to add,if you would like some green
plants,just to break the stone a little you can always
use plastic ones,some years ago i had mabuna,and found live plants
faired quite well,however i know it does not work out for everyone.

when you set up a new tank,hide an extra
sponge or two behind some decor,that way you have
something seeded for you next filter.
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