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55 gallon community tank

Already in cycling process for about another week or so stock list so far is 2 angelfish 4 regular silver dollars not red hooks 1 rainbow shark 3 pictus cats 1 bristlenose pleco 6 scissortail rasbora does this sound like a good stock list
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Actually thinking about dropping pictus cats and the rainbow shark and going for 4 yoyo loaches as bottom dwellers and the bristlenose 4 silver dollars and if possible would like 4 angelfish but could settle for 2 and also the 6 scissortail rasbora
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I guess no one has any suggestions
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Sounds like you want a very active community tank. I would go with the 4 Angels, 6 Scissortail rasbosa, 1-2 Bristlenose Plecos, and drop the Silver dollars because they will get to big for a 55 gallon. Instead of the silver dollars, you could do 4-6 Rainbowfish.

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I agree with increasing the angels, they are a shoaling fish, and in a 55g a group of 5 is ideal. No SD's, and rainbows are too lively for the sedate angels. Plants would be suitable, angels live among branches and feel more relaxed in such a setting, and plants can serve that purpose.

You've changed since the initial post, but there are issues and special needs with some of the substrate fish that you can read in our profiles. Pictus Catfish, Rainbow Shark, and YoYo Loach are all included. Click on the shaded name.


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Okay could i drop silver dollars and get a blood red parrot fish with this set up and possibly a Rainbow shark if i drop silver dollars or not get shark and get some more kind of rasbora
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I see no problem with the rainbows... my paired angels spawned 3 times in a community 55 gallon with about 10 boesemani rainbows. Neither species ever seemed to bother the other. I would strongly suggest against the sliver dollars, from what I have seen they are super skittish fish.

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I am going to drop silver dollars how about this for a new stock list 1 blood red parrotfish 5 or 6 angelfish 1 bristlenose pleco 4 yoyo loaches and the 6 scissortail rasboras
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I recently adopted a blood parrot fish, he is massive. He came with a 46 gallon bow front. One blood parrot should be fine in a 55 gallon tank, but I think it might be a little crowded with an additional 5-6 angelfish, as well as all those other fish.

~46g with angel fish, bn pleco, cherry barbs, lemon tetras, rainbowfish
~37g with guppies, otos, swordtails
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~20long with 24k and silver mollies, glass catfish, apple snails
~14g with opaline gourami
~10g with male betta
~pond with adult and juvenile goldfish, and several frogs
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well i was thinking of this stock list and as soon as angels get bigger and pair will be taking other 3 out and as of right now have 6 scissortail rasbora 4 babie angels 1 pearl gourami was thinking ofadding a Red tail black shark and 7 gold barbs to how does this stock list sound
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