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This is a discussion on 5 Gallon Desk Tank within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> Ah ok then, the plants, shrimp, and snails recommended will all work in a 5g...

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Ah ok then, the plants, shrimp, and snails recommended will all work in a 5g
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Anubias is blooming!
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While I was away at my summer internship the other badis died. Same story, some sort of rot and died a little after.

Got home and the tank looked kind of bad. Nothing was sick specifically, but the otos looked kinda tired, not many shrimp left and too many snails. Some algae growing on the glass and all the plants looked sort of wilted. Ammonia and Nitrite were both 0, but nitrate was 30 which is super high for this tank. pH was up to 8.0 from 6.5.

I got my API GH and KH test kit in the mail just the other day so I figured I would give it a try and see what turned up. GH was 0 degrees and KH was 9 degrees. We have well water here, and while I didn't remember the parameters exactly I have had a lfs test the well water before and it was decent for fish. So I tested the kitchen sink (where we get our water changes from) and got the same thing, 0 degrees GH and 14 degrees KH. Wierd. So I took samples from all over the house including the hose and our RO drinking water. Tested them all, the hose was the only one that matched what I expected the well water to be, 13 degrees GH 11 degrees KH. Apparently all the rest of the house is on a water softener. Argh.

So I wanted the icky softened water out. Did a big 75% water change consisting of 50% well water and 50% RO. Fish and shrimp perked up almost immediately. I'll continue doing water changes every few days with 50/50 well and RO. This should bring my GH to 6.5 degrees and KH to 5.5 degrees.
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That will help. Too bad about the livestock.
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