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4 Month old Molly that seems to have Dropsy?

My 4 month old Male Molly seems to have dropsy or something similar to dropsy, which is isolated only to either side of his Gonopodium/anal-fin.

The only way I can describe this is (As it is extremely hard to take an accurate picture)
Is that it looks like my Male molly has grew testicles that protrude, making his scales puff out (I know this is impossible, but for descriptive purposes, I'm using that analogy).

Yet again, I'm not entirely sure what this is as none of my other fish are effected and it seems to be isolated to either side of his anal-fin and not his stomach as a whole.

However, one of my Female Guppies gave birth this morning and I am presuming/hoping that it is just a case of a swollen stomach from him hunting down, and eating the fry.

If anyone has any methods of treatment or advice, that would be highly appreciated!

I've had my water tested today, but as I have my water tested on a frequent basis, I never ask for the results sheet, I cant remember specifics, but the only thing that was below what it should have been was my PH, which was 6.5, which isn't exactly dreadful, since I have driftwood in my tank.
My filtration and aeration are excellent too.

All in all however, the fish isn't displaying illness in his actions, he is still swimming around freely and trying to breed with the other Mollies in the tank.

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Update: A large Female Platy I bought from the shop a few months ago had what seemed to be a swim bladder problem (Which has now sadly died) (I'm not sure on the age of the fish or if the 2 incidents are related or purely coincidence, as I have heard Swim Bladder can be caused by age and a wide spectrum of things).

I've also noticed that one of my other 4 month old Mollies has lost a singular scale (The scale was hanging on slightly, which is how I realised). Is this a problem? - I do have driftwood in my tank, and I also have fine thread which is exposed in certain places on the driftwood (It's there to keep my Java moss attached until it ingrains into the wood).
The Molly is swimming around as normal, I've done a 30% water change and intend to do another tomorrow afternoon. (The scale was hanging off near her top-fin)

I also have a related question about fish and scale loss: If all conditions in the tank were optimal and there were no diseases, pathogens or parasites in the tank is it normal for a fish to lose a scale or two? Even if the fish is healthy, ignoring such causes as bumps and scrapes on decor.
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