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30g tank ideas? (:

This is a discussion on 30g tank ideas? (: within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> Why don't you like them? Just curious Posted via Mobile Device...

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Sailfin Molly
Sailfin Molly
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Why don't you like them? Just curious
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Cool Danio

Originally Posted by eaturbyfill View Post
Why don't you like them? Just curious
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There are a few reasons. Mainly their coloration though and lack of finding a good source to get them from.

The local pet stores around me only carry an extra long finned version of the Zebra Danio where the caudal, anal and pectoral fins are abnormally long...really really abnormally long. Only the dorsal fin was really kind of normal. They look weird. Those I would never consider buying. The fish looks like it has trouble swimming.

The ones are the LFS have fins from this long to AT LEAST twice as long as the ones in the picture below:

In the PetSmart and PetCo around me, the Danio's are don't have those long fins. I like these ones more BUT they are always sick or just don't look healthy so I never get them from there. I would consider them if I found a good source and had space for it.

I honestly love the stripes on the Zebra Danio. They are beautiful. I just have not seen any in stores where their colors, fins and overall health looks good. That is the main reason I don't like them, because the stores around me don't sell good stockings of them. I don't like the ones they keep, so I guess its an unfair judgement on my part.

If I EVER found a Zebra Danio that actually looked like this I might give it a try:

The Caudal and Anal fin on the picture above have really prominent stripes. I cannot find any like this and the stripes is the entire reason I would get the fish.

The Celestial Pearl Danio would be the danio I would not even think twice about buying if I found them in good health. I have never even seen one of those in person (no surprise there). I love the coloration on them, although they stay really small.

I prefer barbs, rasboras and tetras over danios mainly because of their look. I prefer more colorful fish. I have also found that the tetras and rasboras look better while schooling, at least to me, because of their colors.

Overall their coloration and behaviors lead me to choose different fish because of my personal preferences. Danio's are great and beautiful fish though.
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Some of my comments have been covered already, so I won't detail those. Water parameters are important, contact your water supply people, they may have a website.

You will likely be looking at soft and slightly acidic water fish. You mentioned no breeding; so avoid livebearers (which need harder water anyway). Soft water fish are egg layers and while many will spawn if the environment is to their liking, fry rarely appear because the fish eat the eggs.

And plants are worth having; all these fish will be better off with plants. This needn't be involved, there are many easy plants, but decent lighting is essential. You don't have the tank yet, but depending where you buy it there will likely be a basic hood with it, containing some type of light. In the 30g size range, a fluorescent tube is preferable. We can discuss good tubes later.

Once the water parameters are known, you can begin narrowing down your search for fish. Many things factor into a compatible community aquarium. Beside water parameters (which all fish must share) there is the level of activity. For example you mentioned gourami earlier; with these sedate fish you do not want active swimmers like Danio and barbs; nor do you want fish inclined to be feisty and nip fins, like many barbs but some tetra will too. Comments on these issues are included in our profiles, second tab from the left in the blue bar across the top. Data on water parameters and numbers in the group are also included. Have a look at species in the characins, Cyprinids, catfish sections to start.

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I would like to thank all of you for the information! I'll keep doing my research for when the time comes. (:
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